Disneyland withdrawls!


I have not been to Disneyland since March of last year and it is driving me crazy! I am having major withdrawls and money wont allow me to go anytime soon! :frown: Thank goodness for Miceage.com, they keep me up to date on everything and help me get my fill. I hope I can go sometime soon!


I feel your pain. It will be 26 months for us without a WDW fix.

I wanted to go for Food & Wine last fall but that fell through, then Flower and Garden this spring fell through. But a Food and Wine this fall looks like a go. The confidence level is so hi that we even booked the 10 days. Major step compared to the last 2 canx trips.


:frowning: I know how you feel. However, I was lucky enough to visit about 3 weeks ago…just for a day. A very long day…I was able to enjoy part of the 24 hour party:) I hope that you’ll be able to visit soon! If I was still in CA, I’d invite you to stay at our place…so at least you’d have a place to stay:)


My family and I will be going to Disneyland for the first time this coming August. My mother is attending her highschool reunion in Oceanside and we all decided to make a trip of it and go to Disneyland as well. We are big fans of WDW, but are very much looking forward to seeing Disneyland for the first time ever!!


You will have quite the Magical experience seeing the park that started it all! You will also be in the only Disney park that Walt Disney himself operated and set foot in, you can really feel his Magic in Disneyland, you’re going to love it!


That’s what I hear…very cool!!! :cool: Can’t wait to experience it and just take it all in!


Well…had my first visit to Disneyland mid-February and it was AWESOME!!! I had never been and I just LOVED it!!! Spent two days there while my husband was on a business trip to California. We have been to WDW 20 or so times and did not know what to expect at DL. But, it EXCEEDED my expectations. Stayed at the Candy Cane Inn - right next door to the parks!! Wonderful, quaint inn. Just had an amazing time. Going back to WDW in May…


So happy to hear you had a Great experience!!


I have to go and check out Miceage. never heard of it.


I hope you have a great time! Will you also be visiting DCA? Carsland will be opening in June:happy: We are hoping to visit late June or early July. We can’t wait to get back:wub:


We loved it too, and we stayed at the Candy Cane Inn as well. Can’t wait to take our boys back there.