Disneyland/Disney World is


Just recently, my best friend was surprised with a trip to Disneyland on her birthday. Needless to say, I was more than a little jealous. I told her that many times, and she kept telling me that I went so often she didn’t feel sorry for me at all. I feel like going to Disney is so different for me than it is for everyone else. For them it’s a fun place, for me-it’s home. How do you describe your relationship with Disney?


To me Disney is my home away from home, my world I can escape to and be myself and just relax and everything is okay, especially for one who use to work at Disneyland and the Disney Stores. There is a feeling Disneyland brings me that I cant even put into words, I have had some bad things happen that bring not-so-good memories regarding Disneyland (because of some people whom I now no longer talk to) but Disneyland will always hold a very special place in my heart. And like you said, to some its just a fun place to go, but for me, its a home-away from home, I could ride only 6 rides in an entire day and still be fine, I can spend hours just getting lost in shops, the lands, people watching, seeing the shows, taking pictures, roaming the parks and oh so much more.


Yes. Disney isn’t a vacation destination - it’s home. I feel at one with the parks. I feel like myself there, and I absolutely love it. And I’m definitely a tad bit jealous whenever my friends go (and when I read TRs :laugh:).


Wow, good question.

I describe my relationship with Disney, to people who will actually ‘get it,’ as my comfort zone, big fuzzy blanket, happy place, etc. For the same reason why people return to the same bars, grocery stores, and other places is the same reason I keep returning to Disney constantly; it’s the “where everyone knows your name” effect. It also has to do A LOT with the emotional connections we make their as children, or with our children. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are with my Grandma in WDW so everytime I return I have the pleasure of remembering her in the place she loved most.


It was Walt’s dream to see his park thrive and bring families together. With the power of Fantasy, Adventure, and the future of tomarrow; it truly is the only place where you can go to and have a great time with just about anyone. Friends, family, spouses,etc., it doesn’t matter.

As for myself, I love it for many reasons. Mainly because my family has always been Disney fanatics and my sister and I have took it to the next level. It is truly the only place in the world where anyone can be a kid. Memories are established, opportunties are given, and best of all, for a an entire day or week, you forget about the problems in your life and just have a good time. My hats of to Mr. Disney. It is essentially part of home and life.


Disney is my happy place. I love the feeling of first getting there. It’s like I leave all the stresses and worries of the real world behind. No matter what happens, (ressies getting lost, rude people, etc.) I’m always happy or can be happy again very quickly. It’s just this huge comfort zone for me. Just thinking about it relaxes me.


It’s my vision of the way I would love to see the entire world be. There is a sense of caring, comfort, excitment and content, that you know your surroundings are cared for. It’s a place I feel I fit in.


For me Disney feels like when you were a kid and happy and didn’t have a care in the world. It is an escape from the everyday commotion that consumes us and it fills us with peace and comfort. Some of my fondest memories growing up were from WDW. Not just rides etc, but of all the little things that happened at a resort, relaxing around a pool etc. Little things that happened while we had no other outside disctraction and could concentrate on just being a family.
I hope my children grow up with the same feeling.
Being in Disney is like being transported back to childhood.