Disney/MGM Name Change?


We had heard that Disney/MGM Studios was changing it’s name. It was losing the MGM.

Does anyone know if that is true? If so, what’s going on?


I had read that on other posting that the MGM name was going to be replaced with Hollywood Studios. It sounds right as California Adventure and Disney/MGM Studios become more and more alike. CA has a similar area called Hollywood Studios and since Disney owns HS it’s a good mouse plan.


For a brief time in the '90’s, Disney MGM Studios became “Disney Studios Florida” - I think this was during the ABC acquisition. I remember gettingon the tram and hearing the announcer say, “Welcome to Disney Studios Florida”, and seeing it refered to as such. But that didn’t last very long, as everyone knows the park as “MGM”. Or at least, that’s what I always call it. :mickey:


I had heard that there contract/agreement was expiring and that was the reason the name was be changed??


I thought it was already referred to as the Disney Studios and the MGM part was technically already dropped. Of course I still call it MGM and always will…heck it’s faster to say…lol


Yeah it’s Disney Studios…you dont see or hear the MGM anymore


Funny, cause the buses in WDW still have MGM on the front, and in fact, it’s still even on the WDW website


I have heard also that it is Disney Studios, though I still refer to it as MGM and probably always will.


if they do take MGM out of the name, it’ll take a while to get used to the name change. right up to this day, i still sometimes call it Fox Family Channel even though it’s been the ABC Channel for a couple of years.


whatever they do I will still always refer to it as MGM and I imagine my DH will too. Just the same as I still call POR Dixie Landings! :happy:


If you ever ordered any of those vacation planning videos, they referred to it there as the Disney Studios.


The majority owner of MGM, Kirk Kerkorian, has said he will not extend Disney’s rights to use the MGM name once they expire, so you can expect the name to change sometime in the next couple of years. Best guesses are the name will change to either Disney Studios Florida or Walt Disney Studios. Supposedly, the folks at MGM are entertaining thoughts of building their own theme parks.

For the time being, though, it’s still Disney-MGM Studios. That remains the name that’s used on all official WDW publicity material.


I agree. It is very hard to change a name that is synonomous with Disney as MGM is. The may change the physical name, but people will always see it as MGM.


Kinda like how they changed Epcot center to plain ole EPCOT. I still say epcot center and feel like i’m being way to formal


Oh Disneydad, DCA’s area is not called hollywood studios…its called Hollywood Pictures Backlot, juts letting u know. :slight_smile:


Hey Anaheimboy15 what is on the big entrance sign as you enter the backlot?


Thanks for all the info guys!