Has anyone heard of this before? I saw an ad for Disneynature’s film “earth” when I was watching “Planet Earth” on TV the other day…

[B]What is Disneynature?[/B]
Disneynature is The Walt Disney Studios’ label dedicated to working with leading filmmakers to produce one cutting-edge theatrical release each year celebrating the wonders of the world in which we live.

“We love balancing heritage and innovation and Disneynature is a perfect example of this. We are placing the legacy of Disney’s ‘True-Life Adventures’ in the hands of great modern filmmakers using dazzling technology,” said Robert A. Iger, president and CEO, The Walt Disney Company. "Disneynature is a concept we look forward to building across the company and across the globe for years to come. And, we hope these films will contribute to a greater understanding and appreciation of the beauty and fragility of our natural world."

The trailer for “earth”:

Buy a ticket for opening week, starting April 22, and Disney will plant a tree in your honor. :AK:


There was a display at Epcot kind of teasing about DisneyNature, it was a really cool sand sculpture. If I ever get my photos re-sized, I will post it.


I saw a preview for it last weekend at the movies. If you like the Planet Earth series you’ll probably like this, it looked very similar.


I saw a preview last week at the theater and it looks AMAZING!! We cannot wait to see it!


sounds awesome!


In the “earth” trailer, I saw several shots that came directly from the Planet Earth series…was this intentional? Do they have permission to use these shots?


I just got a link via email: Disneynature Presents earth

It opens on Earth Day April 22 . . . the trailer is AMAZING!


I didn’t know anything about the movie until my daughter came home from school excited because her class is taking a field trip to see this movie…the next morning I saw it advertising


It looks great!!! I just tried to buy a ticket for the 22nd…but my theater is not selling yet.


We are actually taking an all school field trip to see the earth movie the day after it opens, on 4/23. We’ve never done this before for anything! Our principal said that since there were clear curriculum ties to every grade level, he thought it was a great idea. Several schools in our district are doing it. I can’t wait to see it. We saw a preview for it when I took my kids to see Tale of Despereaux a few months ago, and it looked breathtaking.


I remember when I was a kid we always saw these nature films in school that were made by Disney. I keep telling my kids about them but this is a great reason to show them a movie.