Disney~n~More good gone bad TR


I promised myself i’d do a TR this year since I didn’t do one last summer. There are many things I don’t remember and had to check my pics and FB reports so i’ll do my best to get it all out. Pics will follow soon.

DH- Jeff
DW- Me
DD16- Jessica
DD13- Danielle
DD11- Emily

We didn’t even have a trip to WDW planned this summer but the girls wanted to visit SC/Myrtle Beach to see where they were born, their 1st homes and the beach. Ummm, HELLO! If we’re going to be anywhere near the east coast we’re taking a detour south to WDW for a week:happy: Jeff didn’t mind since he was in Korea all last year and missed our last trip.

Day 1:

I booked everything except the hotel there and back. I left that for Jeff. Two days prior and still no hotel so he decides we’ll just drive straight through :ohmy:. 4am Saturday morning and we’re off on a 14 hr drive. Ok, fine but checkin isn’t till Sunday and our hotel was booked so about an hour from Disney I go onto Allears looking for DTD resorts. Figure we could hang out there, get our shopping done then check into SoG the next morn. What jumps out is the Holiday Inn (formally Sunspree) at Allears rate for $69.95. SOLD! I can say that if a Disney resort was not available or feasible I HIGHLY recommend this one for a stay. I wanted to get some shopping out of the way but the kids outvoted me for the Dive-in movie by the pool. In not a big fan of Applebee’s at all but there was one in the hotel and Jeff was tired of driving so dinner (and breakie) was onsite. Surprisingly it was really good and service was Outstanding.

Day 2:

Check out of HI and head over to Premier Outlet for some shopping. I :heart::heart::heart: that place. After going to those it makes me realize that’s what our outlets want to be when they grow up, :laugh:. Head over to SoG after lunch, send the kids to the pool while I check in and buy our park tics. We got the 4-day Salute tics which incl hoppers or water/more. Last several trips we realized we’re not really hoppers so we chose the water option. After unpacking we go to MK to validate our tics so we can go to DQ later that eve. It’s a pain to have to do that but for the price it’s worth it. Off to DTD and eat dinner at EoS. I so wish we had one of those around here. After dinner I sent Jeff and the girls to DQ while I shop a little. I’m seriously reconsidering this family/group thing. Maybe it’s time for a “me”, or “big girls” only vacate.:happy: After meeting up with the fam at DQ we play for a couple of hours before Jeff, Jess and Dani are tired and bored. Emily’s not done so I send them back to the room while we play more. Around 9pm she decides she wants some beignets so we head for the POFQ boat. Beignets are good but sorry FQ, you’re no Cafe DuMonde:blush:. Snacks done but how the heck do we get back to our resort??? Hop a bus to MK, get on the rail to TTC for a bus to SoG. Sounds like a lot but the timing was Perfect, almost like they were waiting for us to arrive before departing on the next leg. It was a Great day- weather, crowds, everything. What a great way to start a vacate in the World.


FUN! A TR! I agree about the beignets-they are missing something in the recipe I think… I love the ones at Cafe Du Monde.


Yay a new TR! Can’t wait for more :slight_smile: I agree with you and hanwill about the beignets. They are fine in a pinch, but just not the same!


I love TR’s! Can’t wait of more…and pics! :slight_smile:


Hey, don’t be knockin’ your average, every-day Applebee’s! The Oriental Chicken Salad is awesome! :laugh:

I’ve never had a real beignet, so I can’t weigh in on that.

More TR!


Great start to your TR, looking forward to more and photos? I too love the Premier Outlet Mall- they are so good!


Looking forward to the rest of your TR!


More please…

Applebees is one of our guilty pleasures, cheap drinks and food, and around us at least a very pleasant staff.



Great start… looking forward to more TR and pictures!!!


We like the Holiday Inn Sunspree as well and used to stay there before we started staying on site. The rooms are huge and the grounds are very nice.


Thanks for the tip on sunspree…just in case we decide to go straight through in August…it’s an option. Can’t wait to hear more report.


Loving your TR so far! More please & pictures! :wub:


I know right. The place is awesome, esp for the price. I believe the regular non-Allears rate is around $105. Really nice place and seems like I read they’re a partner hotel, although I may be wrong on that one.

Dana I think you’d like it for a short stay. Their only downfall is it’s located right at the intersection of the road to the Outlet Mall. Really busy there.


I still plan to post pics I just can’t stay on the computer very long but i’ll get there.

Day 3:

We decided to change up our touring plans because (1 we wanted to hit as many am emh’s and (2 we always do our favs 1st and by the end of the week whatever park we’re at it’s almost like an…eh, so this time we saved the best for last so we’d have something to look forward to. (Big mistake:crying:)

On Monday as soon as we arrived at the bus stop there it was, ready and waiting. Arrived with enough time for a quick potty stop then walked right up to the shortest line and moved right on in. This is how our whole day seemed to have went. 1st stop- Safari. Grab fp’s for later then walk on. After Safari we had a few minutes before getting more fp’s so I took Jess over to EE with a 5-10 min wait while Jeff went for fp’s on Kali. We met up for Tough to be a Bug. Btw after the show I took someone’s advice and went to the left instead of right with the rest of the crowd. It really is a nice peaceful walk, very serene. It was around 9:40 by then and 1st Lion King show was at 10 so we headed over. Ended up on the 2nd row with an unrestricted view. Don’t get wrong, the crowds were there that day it’s just we happened to arrive in the right place at the right time all day.

Around 11 the girls start whining they’re hungry. Can’t do much about it since our adr for Tusker isn’t till 1:00. At 12:30 i’ve tired of hearing it so we head over to see if we can get in early. That is 1 of the main reasons we’re not interested in ddp or many (ts) adr’s. We like to eat when we’re hungry and not on schedule. The other is I paid $24 ea for my 11 & 13 yr olds to eat mac & cheese, corn dog nuggets and a cookie :frown:. Being picky eaters they do better with several smaller meals during the day rather than 2-3 big ones that Disney requires them to get as adults. I throughly enjoyed my meal though. Everything I tried, which was almost some of everything, was fantastic! I didn’t sweat it much since that was a meal paid by reward points. After lunch we headed over to Nemo swinging by Kali to pick up our 2nd set of fp’s. The meal gave us priorty seating for the 3pm show, which were really great seats, without having to wait. Something I recommend if you’re planning lunch at Tusker anyway.

After Nemo we swung by Dinosaur then shot to the back of the park to use our fp’s for safari from earlier in the day, then 2 rounds on Kali. Can we say GET WET!!! I ended up in the hot, er wet seat both times. We were a pack of drowned River Rats :laugh: Since we were soaked and it was close to 5 we decided to go back to the room. We threw our suits on, ordered Pizza from Mangino’s then hung out by the pool with some tasty beverages before calling it a night.

Another Great Day in the World!


Great TR! :happy: I want more!!!


Here’s a few pics…

Are these Lego displays new? I don’t remember seeing them last summer.


Emily’s new fav Resort. I wish the refurb would’ve included rooms for 5.


Good stuff so far and love the pics! Those Lego creations are definitely new. They weren’t there in December. Very cool!! And I know what you mean about eating smaller meals more often and eating when you’re hungry. We’re the exact same way and don’t worry too much about sit down meals with reservations. Looking forward to more TR!


Great report!

Yes, the Lego displays were new. I miss the old ones but the new ones are awesome and very Disney-ish. We were happy the dragon thing was left in the water, it’s a classic.


A few Ak pics before I start writing again…

Safari Ride

They say a Lion sleeps about 21 hours a day. Well I believe it because i’ve never seen him up until this trip

Safari Ride

Flights of Wonder, another 1st we took the time to see. AWESOME!