Disneyquest Closed


Just got back the 7th and a local told me a couple of days before we lsft that they had closed it . She said they will be making it inot something to do with ESPN . Had not been but looked like it was probably fun .


I didn’t read anywhere that DQ closed…are you certain?


DH was looking forward to going to DQ this year (in a week and a 1/2!!)… I checked Allearsnet and didn’t see anything about it being closed either. Is there someone here that would know absolutely positively?


does Espn Zone will be in downtown disney.


Last spring I heard DQ was closing but later heard that DIsney was keeping it open.


The replay zone is rehabbing…DQ is NOT closed. Midway on the moon is being rennovated. The cast memeber I just spoke with said they have no intention of closing DQ anytime soon are in the process of sprucing the place up. Whew! My DD and her DF will be relieved…they inteded to go here a couple of times.


Thanks for clearing that up Dana:)


No problem. I needed to know for my trip. I wouldn’t have had anything for my DD to do the night me and DBF went to PI…hoped it helped others too…


thanks for the clearing up that too.


Thanks Dana…

I nearly had a heart attack! :noo: I love Disney Quest!!


Me and both my DS’s loved DQ…we had a blast there!


Whew! Close call. I was planning on hitting that up for the first time for our December trip. Thanks Dana!


I am with you all, da boys really love DQ!!


Whew!!! Thanks Dana!


No problem all. It was probally just a misunderstanding. The person who told
luvtwoscrap (love the id name…lol) the information probally was misinformed.


whew…got nervous there for a minute…


thanks Dana for clearing up of Disneyquest.


I am so glad they are not closed ! We are planning to go there again in Dec.


i can’t wait to go to disney quest. And i went to DQ for my birthday last year.


Actually, my DS plays so much video-everything that we have always avoided DQ, even though I was sure it was wonderful in every way. I always just wanted to focus on parks, pools and adventures that are different for him… am I a mean mom??? LOL