Disney's 40th Anniversary?


So Walt Disney World in October of 2011 is the 40th Anniversary of the opening of the Magic Kingdom. What are your thoughts as to what Disney may have planned for that time frame?

We are not due to go back till 2012 but i was trying to talk DH into going 2011, although realistically we can’t afford it due to my SIL’s wedding next year and my 2 girls are in the wedding party, so with dresses, and shoes and hair do’s…i highly doubt we can swing Disney in there…

But if Disney does some kind of celebration and throws out a good deal, how can we pass it up? :wink:




I have no idea what they have planned, but normally they celebrate through the next year. My family doesn’t always go every year, but no matter what we go on anniversary years. The next anniversary year is 2012. Disney starts celebrating late in the anniversary year through the next year. So they will start late in 2011 and go through 2012.

On a side note, we were disappointed with the 35 year anniversary. They didn’t do anything special that we noticed. I’m hoping they do something for the 40 year.


They didn’t do very much for Epcot’s 25th last year, so who knows.
They did MK 25 in 96, but didn’t do MK 30 in 2001 and certainly didn’t do MK 35 in 2006, other than the hangover from the 2005 Disneyland 50th/ Happiest Celebration on Earth thingie.


If Disney’s 40 then I’m 40! gulp :pinch:

I’m sure they will wait until 50 . . . milestone birthday.


If Disney’s 40 then I’m 40!

That goes for me too!:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:


Funnily enough whilst sorting through our Disney boxes of memories, I found the 25 years Guest Of Honour badges that we all had for the celebration year. Remember how they did the castle as a giant cake with candles and all?? (I wasn’t that keen but it was cleverly done) I was only wondering then what the next milestone celebration will be, I would have said 40 or 50 for sure.