Disney's "A Christmas Carol" Train Tour


Train Tour

No one mentioned this? I don’t think?

Anyway . . . this is one of my DDs FAVORITE shows and we watch it EVERY Christmas! I wish the train was coming closer to us . . . I would TOTALLY take them to see it . . . it’s FREE!!!

It opens NOVEMBER 6th, but the tour has started already!

Train Tour

Jim Carrey plays a couple of roles in the film. If anyone goes, would LOVE to see pictures!! :happy:


Yay! It’s coming to Detroit Sep4-6, that’s only about 45 minutes from me.


I wish it was closer to me . . . Jacksonville is like 3+ hours and Miami is 90 minutes . . . maybe Miami? I would :heart: to see it! :wub:


We had seen this a few weeks ago. It is coming to Boston the end of September for 3 days. It is like an hour and a half from us, but this might be do able.


It will be in Chicago in July. This might be worth venturing downtown for!