Disney's Animal Kingdom worker dies from injuries


Wow, how horrible. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family…

Disney’s Animal Kingdom worker dies: Worker repairing Primeval Whirl ride died Monday. - OrlandoSentinel.com

On a side note, this ride never seems to be operating. I have been on it only once since it opened and it is always down for maintenance…


I have ridden it many times when we were there. It always seemed like the carnival ride that it was designed to be, but it never felt like a sturdy ride. That has nothing to do with the fact that someone lost their life.

I hope that they will make it safe or replace it with something better.


How awful!


The ride is currently undergoing a refurb. This will be our first trip that we do not ride it. It’s one of our favorites.


How awful. This is one of my kids’ favorites, they ride it every time. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, even at Disney.


So sad, prayers to the family. My kids and I love this ride too.


What a tragedy- such a terrible death and at such a young age too- so sad.


So very sad:(


Oh my goodness - how terribly sad! Condolences to his family.


So very sad. My thoughts and prayers with the family and his co workers


So sad! My prayers are with this family.


Thats awful! Thoughts and prayers are with him. Even Disney can’t be 100% accident proofed