Disney's Best Coaster?


With the addition of Everest I was wondering what do you think is Disney’s best roller coaster?


Well my heart will always say BTMRR b/c its been my :heart:FAVORITE:heart: since I was old enough to ride it. Although, with my COMPLETE amazement for Everest I had to vote for it. It really is an unbelieveable thrill attraction!!


Since we have not been on EE, I would have to say BTMR because it is such a classic! My opinion might change after next November!


Your poll has a couple big big mistakes.
One. You didn’t include Primevel Whirl.
Two. You really should ask best at Disneyworld, not Disney’s best.
Limited to WDW I’d vote for Big Thunder. Broadening out to Disney coasters I’ve ridden, I’d say California Screamin’ is the best. It’s a very big coaster. Not just Disney big, it’s one of the longer coasters in the world. Broadening out further, it’s reported in coaster riding circles that the best of all Disney’s coasters is Space Mountain in Paris. This Space Mountain is nothing like any of the other ones, it’s a full sized coaster that isn’t fully enclosed. A last answer is, what is the best Disney coaster in Florida, and that answer is Dueling Dragons. Yes, I know it’s at Universal, but they were originally designed for Animal Kingdom and then Disney passed. There’s supposedly even hidden Mickeys in the queue.
Never ask this question when real coaster fans are lurking.


I havent been on Expedition Everest yet but i say Big Thunder Mountain Railroad all the way!


Daydreamer, you’re poll includes very large mistake. You failed to include Goofy’s Barnstormer :laugh: :tongue:

Never ask this question when real Goofy fans are lurking. :laugh:


It’s included, only it’s listed simply as “Barnstormer”. There’s six coasters in all of WDW, eight if youcount the mirror image sides of Space Mountain and Primevel Whirl.
For the record, Expedition Everest isn’t bad, it just could have been so much more.


Oh, sorry. It is there. I really have to start reading these things before I start posting. :laugh:

For the record, I didn’t vote. I haven’t ridden EE yet, but will in a few weeks. As of right now though, my vote would go to BTMRR.


So vote for Big Thunder. It’s a valid opinion.


I haven’t ridden EE yet so I voted for RnR, but I have to agree with Soundgod. I think Screamin’ is my all time favorite.


I too have not been on EE so I voted for Rock n Rollercoaster. I LOVE LOVE Aerosmith and Roller Coasters so this one is heaven for me!

Lisa :mickey:


I shouldn’t have answered this because I haven’t been on EE yet.

But, I viewed the amateur video filmed on the ride and I was VERY impressed.

Until now, RnRC has been my favorite, followed closely by BTMRR.

The thing I like is that they’re all so different and excellently themed. No one does rides like Disney.


Soundgod, I am just being honest here. Why do I always feel like you look at us shaking your head like we are all a bunch of idiots here. I don’t feel like pointing out the “big big mistakes” of Daydreamer’s poll is necassary, he is doing it from his perspective and with the given choices he was curious about. Excuse us non-“REAL coaster fans” for asking such a naive question.

I hope I am misreading the intent of your reply. please explain.


I voted EE…The yeti is soooo COOL (pun totally intended).


i haven’t been on EE yet, but i will in about 22 days…


You are going to LOVE IT…you have my guarantee :mickey:

(hint: get there early and get a FP right away. If the FP is out try seeing if they are taking single riders at the FP entrance.)


chris24 i voted on EE because i rode on it is so cool.Oh! one more thing i love your Incredibles avatar i have one also.


Do you like my avatar Jeany? :laugh:


i love your avatar ingamba. Do you love my Incredibles avatar.


I absolutely love your Incredibles avatar Jeany.

Even though I haven’t ridden EE yet, I’m going to vote for BTMRR.