Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort


Hey everyone! I’m going on my first WDW trip and staying at the Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. :happy: Are there any things I should look out for? Can I buy the Pal Mickey here? Special perks? Is it really as nice as the pictures? :tongue: Thanks!


Ariel, it is a beautiful resort. We have stayed there our last two visits. Once by ourselves on our 2nd honeymoon. We were in Trinidad South with is very far removed from OPR and quiet. We would drive to OPR because the walk was just too far.

Our second stay we brought our DS for his first trip and were in Jamaica. The bus stop was just across the parking lot, the pool was about a 5 minute walk (if that) and OPR was about a 5-10 minute walk over the bridge. We loved it. Our DS would wake up every morning, take his shower and go out lizard hunting. At night after the parks, we met the most wonderful family from Holland. After the boys were asleep, us adults would hang out on the balcony/hallway and talk for hours.

The kids will like the theme pool at OPR too. There is a small game room and an outside bar. The food court was good. Somewhat of a good selection for everyone. Buy the mugs if you plan on eating or hanging around the resort alot. It is well worth it. We’re not soda drinkers but they have lemonade and water too.

Perks…we got a voucher at check in for our choice of miniature golf, character breakfast and a few other things, can’t remember. We opted for miniature golf and had fun taking a break from the parks. We also got 2 free lanyards and pins. That was great for our DS who started collecting pins. We started him on the pins to deter him from buying every stuffed Pluto in the parks. He has a few Plutos also though.

Hope you have as great a time as we did!!! Have a safe and magical trip!!!


Thank you so much! I am so excited now… well, even more excited! Lol! It’s gonna be a blast! Once again thank you!


You are so welcome!! Trust me, I will be thinking of you with jealousy. I miss being there!!!


Hehe~ I will come back bearing pictures!


I believe we stayed in Jamaica; it was very close to the entrance of the Resort which is very beautiful and just a short drive from the Old Port Royale which is also very nice. They have a very nice Shop and a nice game room. We did not eat at any of the eateries. The rooms are nice and it has a very tropical feel. I would definitely stay there again. I can’t attest to any of the transportation because we had our own vehicle. The main thing I think of is how it looked when driving in, very beautiful!


We stayed in North Trinidad, also close to the food court. We loved CBR, and the bus service was good, we never waited lon at all. The hammocks by the beach are lovely and the kids loved the pool with slide. One thing we missed though, that I found out about later, is that there are parrots on the island in the middle of the lake. Check that out for sure. Ask for either Jamacia or North Trinidad to be closest to the food court and main pool. There are also several “quiet pools” throughout the resort that you can enjoy without being bombarded by lots of kids.


WE LOVED CBR!!! We also stayed in Jamaicca and thought it was the perfect location. The whole resort is just soooo beautiful and relaxing. My DD loved feeding the ducks and fish. I think we did that every morning and night. We could also see part of Illuminations from our window which was cool. The bus service was great, Jamaicca was the second pick up and first drop off! Have a great time!


You will love CBR! We stayed there a year ago (Has it really been a year? Gotta get back to the world!) ANYWAY - We stayed in Martinique building No. 25 and had an inside corner room on the ground floor (ask for a corner room - more windows and they seem to be a bit larger). Martinique is next to OPR, but we had absolutely NO trouble with noise, etc. One thing to remember about the CBR guest rooms is that the resort was the first “moderate” to be built and the rooms are a bit larger than the roooms in the other moderates. Here’s a link to a Caribbean Beach resort map:

www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/resorts/cbr.htm - 59k

Have fun!


We are staying at the CBR pretty soon too!!! We cant wait we just love it there. I usually request Martinique because its a nice short walk to the food court. This def are favorite resort(11th or 12th time staying there)


:pirate: We stayed at the CARIBBEAN BEACH on our honeymoon and it was awesome. The pool areas are nicely themed, and we loved the color of the buildings. Enjoy your stay :wink:


Thanks a lot, guys! Maybe I’ll see you there, Disneydreamer16! I just can’t wait to go. Especially with all of this positive feedback!


Yea! I cant wait for this vacation!


You’ll love the CBR. My family and I have stayed there a few times and we loved it. Last year we decided to go different and stayed at the Beach Club. Although it was a beautiful resort we really missed the CBR. We have decided to go back to CBR in 2005. I’m not sure which building you are staying in but try to request Aruba or Jamaica (water view if possible). We think they are the best and the walk over the bridge to OPR is short and nice. Have a great time!!!