Disney's Celebration!


This is the first time I heard of Disney’s planned community linked below. Wow I want to retire there.:mickey: It looks great.

Disney’s Celebration


:blink: where have you been?


I’m embarrassed. Shame on me.


Yes, I know about it and I am reading two books on it right now.


It it a beautiful community. We drove through Celebration a few years ago. It has such a great “small town” feel to it.


I was taken ill at CBR and was taken to Celebration Hospital…weird place- very Stepford!!


I cannot disagree with that one! Everything was PERFECT! The homes, the lawns, the streets, PERFECTION!! But… I still liked it, cause I’m weird like that.


I don’t think this place is owned by Disney anymore.

I’ve been to the Celebration Hospital a bunch of times…it’s GORGEOUS!!!

We drive through Celebration every time we are in Orlando. It is beautiful…but RIDICULOUSLY expensive! There were a bunch of homes for sale and I called to see how much…over a million! And they are RIGHT on top of each other. Worse than here in New York!!! :noo:


Disney did put it up on the market in 2004…

National Briefing | South: Florida: Disney Sells Town Center

The Walt Disney Company has sold the town center of Celebration to Lexin Capital, a real estate investment company, for an undisclosed price. The purchase encompasses 18 acres containing 16 retail shops, six restaurants and 105 apartments. Lexin agreed to retain the architectural design standards established by Disney, which opened the town in 1996. Terry Aguayo (NYT)


This place is gorgeous, we’ll have to check it out the next time we’re in Orlando and have a rental car.


What books are you reading? I’d love to know so I can read them too.:smile:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I’m like that too! I love for everything to look beautiful and perfect. It rarely happens around my house, so maybe that’s why that is so appealing to me!


yeah, I live in a small town thats just like Celebration but without the creepy-don’t-you-dare-have-one-piece-of-your-lawn-an-inch-too-long-or-the-elders-will-take-you-away-feel :laugh:
Celebration is too perfect for me. No individuality!

(but I agree, BEAUTIFUL hospital! Though you pay extra for the beauty :pinch: )


I read all about this in the book Realityland . . . the rules didn’t go over well and people started to rebel!! :laugh:

I live in a gated community in FL, just moved here . . . I was told if I wanted to change the color of my front door, it was a THREE PART PROCESS . . . coming from NJ I was shocked!! :eek: But then again . . . certain rules, such as XMAS LIGHTS can not be left up and on pass Jan 30 . . . are a good thing!! :laugh:


I agree it is a beautiful building for a hospital but it was just so surreal, especially compared to any hospital I have ever been to here in the UK.
And they did give me a nice big script for Oxycontin which after an hour of taking it I was certainly in a different world to Disney world :slight_smile:


Very very, lol! I think that it is beautiful, so perfect, a little to perfect.


:laugh: I was thinking the same thing.

My cousin used to live in Celebration… but he just moved to Arizona. His neighbor was an Imagineer (he was going to arrange that we meet him on our next trip, but… I’m not sure if that will happen, anymore. Bummer.).


Embarrassed? I was just kidding :tongue:


woaw, this is where you need to be persistent. Call that cousin !