Disney's Christmas Carol Warning


I took my DD’s to see this yesterday. I loved it. The animation is just fantastic- the people look so real and the disney version is well done. The warning is that it is, well, creepy…and frightening. My DD 10 was peeking through her fingers at several parts and even my older DD 14 and I found some parts really creepy. If you are planning on taking any younger children or if your kids are “scaredy cats” you may want to skip it or at least previes it first. We saw the regular version, I would imagine the 3D version would be even creepier.


That’s good to know!! My kids don’t scare easily but I know a lot of kids that do and this is being marketed for children. Thank for the info!


Thanks for the info - My niece (8) and Nephews (4 & 8) would probably be frightened. I might wait for it to come on video this way they can turn it off and on


I saw the preview on TV the other night and thought that it looked way to scary for my kids. DH and I will go see it by ourselves.


I thought it might be so I have decided to go see by myself and not take my 6 year old. She would be freaking out for days after it otherwise I fear!!! :laugh:


Saw it Friday and wasn’t wowed. Usually leave a Disney movie thinking… that was great, this was done well, that was really cool…but this time I walked out thinking “hmmm, not sure I like it”. Definitely think if your kids scare easily you may want to watch it first.


I remember being terrified of the story itself. The special effects would probably scare the bejeepers out of me, so this was going to be a movie we passed on anyway. Especially after reading about it and seeing some of the promotional stuff.


Me too! I remember being pretty scared of this story when I was a kid, and my mom LOVES this story. She really wanted to take my kids to see this movie, but I decided weeks ago that they couldn’t go because they are all scaredy cats, especially my girls. After all of the reviews here and some I’ve heard from other folks, I’ll definitely be keeping my kids home on that one. DH and I might try to catch the IMAX version ourselves, though!


my kids might need to see the Scrooge/Goofy version… at least it is not so scary… (like Halloween)…


That’s the best version!! :heart:


Yeah… I saw the previews, and I’m not sure if I’m going to see it. It doesn’t look very cute. When I heard Disney’s A Christmas Carol, I immediately pictured Scrooge McDuck (you know… Donald’s uncle - I’m not sure about the last name I might’ve just made it up), but the commercials show this creepy old guy.


We saw this Friday night and it was creepy. I came away not sure what I really thought of the movie aside from kicking myself for spending the extra money to see it 3D. My son, 10, was a bit frightened by the third spirit sequence. More of an adult movie that I should have waited to see on video.


I actually saw a commercial for it last night before Extreme Makeover and they have added a warning at the end of the commercial that it may frighten some kids.


Many scary moments, and some very creepy ones (the ending of the second ghost comes to mind).

I thought it drove the story home very well and loved the visual eye candy, especially in 3D. But that was my families exprerience. I already see some others were not so impressed. Frankly, I went in thinking great, another Christmas Carol movie, but was pleasantly surprised by the impact of the sounds, special effects, and amazing animation. It may have been since my kids were with me that certain scences came across stronger for me, but I throughly enjoyed it.

Not the kid friendly movie that Back to the Future and Polar Express are, but definitely breathes some life back into this classic.

Spoiler question:

Never read the book, but is the ignorance and want characters part of it? They came across especially creepy to me.


I’m thinking of doing my own version “A Boss Mouse Carol”

Staring ME!


We saw a preview for it when we went to see ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs’…DH & I said it looks good, DD6 says it looks too scary. Looks like she wont be going to see it.


I’d like to see it, but wouldn’t take the boys to it.


Maybe I’d feel differently if I had little kids, but I am DYING to see this one! My baby is 15 and this might be the first Disney movie he deems worthy of being seen at the local cineplex with his parents! :laugh:


I am 26 and I jumped at some parts…and we didnt see it in 3D!!