Disney's Dream Weddings


is on right now on WE


missed it today, but set DVR to record next go round 04/05 2:00am on WE :blush:

Thanks for the info…


sheeeessh, I wrote myself a big note so I wouldn’t miss it and I see your post at 11:55 and guess what, I have missed it!!! blech


It was a good one too :flowers:


They never seem to show this over here in the UK! Tsch!


I don’t get WE! I would have loved to have seen it! :crying:


They made the whole thing look so easy, but there was no discussion about how big the check was…


Aw:( I missed it. They do make it easy!!!


They did say at the beginning that they could go up in the 100’s of thousands. I put the all out Disney Weddings up there with Platinum Weddings, just more magical.


So much fun to watch as I am in the midst of helping my DD plan a Disney Wedding for December!


:tongue: rub it in…


Whoa - you need to keep us up to speed with this - sounds cool.


MB members are invited right?!?:ph34r::laugh::laugh:


Sure…the more the merrier. I thought Disney was supposed to do all the planning…but mom should think again!!


Can’t make it that day, but save me a piece of cake-K :biggrin:


Awww, I missed it! haha. For the longest time it was my dream to Wedding Plan for WDW weddings. Now I think I’ll just be making the cakes… HOPEFULLY! :]


DH and I were married in a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding and it was soooooo easy. Completely hassle free. You just pick what you want…colors, flowers, music etc and they take care of everything.


Yay! Another Disney wedding!:happy:


i missed it too! :frowning:
i want to plan WDW weddings though!