Disney's Earth


Disney Insider: Main Attraction


The previews looked amazing.


My entire school went on a field trip today to see Earth. I thought it was outstanding, although I’d like to see it again without 22 kindergarteners to supervise and take on bathroom runs!:laugh:


Were there any parts that were scary or violent? My DD9 is afraid to see any animals get “hurt”! Even though I tell her, that’s the cycle of life, she said she doesn’t want to see it if she doesn’t have too! :closedeye

I would :heart: to see it! Each time the preview comes on the Disney Channel, I stop and watch!


There were several spots where you see the “circle of life” happening, but they did a nice job of always stopping the footage just as the predator was going to overtake the prey, leaving the rest up to the imagination. The kids still reacted to what they knew was going to happen (gasps or moans), but because nothing was actually shown, they seemed to get over it pretty quickly.


Thanks for the tip!