Disney's Give a Day - Get a Day


We (the family) just signed up for their Give a Day - Get a Disney Day promotion. Our DD has speech therapy at CP Kids Center here in Louisville, It’s part of the Kosairs Childrens Hospital network. The CP center is one of the volunteer centers via Disney. For those who don’t know, our DD Katy has Down Syndrome and we have been a part of CP Kids center since she was 2. Katy is now 10.
It’s a great place with great people.
If anyone would like info on the Give-a-Day, here is the website thru Disney…

Give A Day Get A Disney Day | What Will You Celebrate? | Disney Parks


I checked locally and we’ve got next to nothing listed. Mostly volunteer slots at museums which charge admission.

Ironically, I didn’t see Make-A-Wish which Disney works big time.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1011366]I checked locally and we’ve got next to nothing listed. Mostly volunteer slots at museums which charge admission.

Ironically, I didn’t see Make-A-Wish which Disney works big time.[/QUOTE]

Wow … I did not see Make-a-Wish as well , Their are some kids from our Kosairs locally that did get a trip thru them thou. In our area there were at least 25 different listings for volunteer work.


My Dad & I were talking about doing it so I’ll have to check it out.


Thank you for the link. I was waiting to hear more specifics on this program.

Wow! Looks like there are many projects in RI!!


Four of our family members are signed up. We are making blankets for ProjectLinus.org. They take homemade blankets and give them to traumatized or sick children. There wasn’t anything really close to home. This is about an hour away from us. DD is 6 so we were quite limited on projects that she qualified for. The two kids old enough to participate are extremely excited about making the blankets and giving them away.


That’s awesome !!! :pirate:


I was going to post something about this. Here is a link which you can input your name and see a funny Muppet video:

‘Give a Day, Get a Disney Day’ — Pass it On! Disney Parks Blog

I entered my name, it was fun.

There are several opportunities for us, as a family, in our area. Mostly at a local food bank. I haven’t registered yet, but I think it would definitley be something we would like to do as a family.


I checked out the website on January 1, there were a very limited number of opportunities in my area for small children. I did however find an volunteer opportunity that I signed us up for and just today completed the registration process. We will each be making a blanket and donating it to ProjectLinus.


So I just went on to see what was available in my area & Musikfest is listed…I already volunteer at Musikfest for the hospital I work for, wonder if I can make my volunteer day count for both?! That would be sweet!!
Although I :heart: musikfest so volunteering another day certainly wouldnt be a problem!!


Hey guys, I was wondering if they are going to treat the volunteering day like the birthday day. Is it only used for a ticket or merchandise or can it be used for food as well.


These tickets are blacked out when we are going. Bummer.


There’s nothing in our area we could easily volunteer for. The closest place is 2 hours away. What a bummer. I wish they’d add more options.


We’re going to get involved in this as well. We have a lot of opportunities available to us around here. I think DS is going to make ‘no-sew quilts’ for sick children and teenagers. Not sure what we’re going to do yet. :happy:


This sounds great! my family and I are doing this in March and I cant wait! the website doesnt have anything for those dates, but We already know we really want to do something!


My family received our confirmation email today for volunteering and printed our vouchers. I am too excited. Now I have to wait until October…ughh!


Since I’m at the Kids Center weekly for my DD’s speech therapy, I asked what other activities do they have that are not listed. I was told that you could just volunteer for a day doing clean up around the center, also landscape, or any activites around the properties. We also found out that we could make gift baskets from our own personal belongings. We have a ton of Baby Einstein DVD’s that our DD watched and we are making a gift basket of DVD’s. The neat thing about this is that the majority of the equipment that is used at the Kids Center here is donated. We have been blessed with materials over the years for our DD, so we try to pass them on too!


That’s great.


When I first looked at it there were very few opportunities in our area, and even fewer for children to participate. I went to the bottom and clicked on their link for more partner orgs to the HON and oh boy, that opened a bunch more up. Link led to link led to link and they are all qualified. Only thing was it didn’t automatically have dates/job descriptions listed but rather a link to contact them for what all they have available. They (the qualifying org) will then have to take care of it on their end. For those of you that haven’t found much, try doing that. It worked for us. I’m having my girls serve meals at the Rescue Mission, which is something that wasn’t listed on the front page of opportunities.

try this link, it’s a subsidary of HON:


Got our confirmation and can print our vouchers when we’re ready, I think I may wait until closer to our vacation before actually printing them out.