Disney's Height Requirements Calculator


Click on the link below then just enter your child’s height in the box, in inches. The database will generate a list of attractions that have restrictions for your child, and will tell you what those restrictions are. This should help in planning your itinerary.


Hope this helps :smile:


Once again, you come up with a very cool and helpful site, thanks!

Next year when I go, both of mine will be 48" and there will be no more whining about not being able to go on something! I can’t wait!


Hey R2Go, that is a great link! Thank you.


That’s great! I checked just to make sure and I made the cut! (which is good because I’m 22)


Ya’ll are welcome :smile: We have a 48’’ and a 52’’ make on the door for my 7 yo. He checks about 3 times a week. He is 51’’ now. :smile:


Thank you! What a great link! I had already started to hear the whining about not going on some rides.


that’s neato. Thanks for putting that link up.


Heee! Looks like DS4 will be able to go on everything I’d let him go on… Thanks, R2G!


That’s a big help for us this year

Thanks R2G!!


Happy to help. :smile:


Thanks for the link. It was/is very helpful! A lot of the rides will have to wait for our next visit, but the magic is still all around. Can’t wait.


Thanks for the link, R2G! It would be excellent as a sticky!


Thanks for the link R2G…whew…looks like I just make it! :wink:


Thanks for the info! Great link


Great thread. Someone pm disneyguy and ask him to make it a sticky. I have no magical mod powers here…lol


Thanks! You provide us with the best info!


What is a sticky and how do I find it? Sorry!