Disney's hours in early May


I was just looking at the hours posted for our trip. Every day MK is open at least 9 -11. Of course I’m used to the hours in the fall when there is a party every other night, but 11 seems late, since Epcot closes at 9 most nights. During Easter, MK is opened until midnight, so I thought during early May closing would be about 10. Am I missing something?


I was always told that they plan hours on hotel bookings—if they are full at the resorts, they stay open a bit longer. Epcot has always closed earlier since I can remember and so has DHS…

There may be something special going on while you are there in May. Is it grad night or something while you are there?


They stopped doing grad nights several yrs ago. I don’t know of anything special at MK, at Epcot it’s the flower show.


That may be reason then…even though the flower show is at Epcot, not everyone stays at Epcot every day all day long during the visit…I’m sure that the spill over makes its way to the MK…

I like it when the parks are open late—we always leave the hotel in the morning and don’t return to almost midnight every day we are there—if we can. It’s always disappointing to me when Epcot closes at 8 or 9…we aren’t ready to go home yet and lots of people leave Epcot at closing and head to DTD or the MK if it’s open late… :slight_smile:


When I started planning our trip for the first week of March, the times for Magic Kingdom showed the closing for no later than 10pm. Somewhere along the way, the closing for MK changed to 11pm for every night of our trip. I expect there are going to be some big crowds because it is very hard to get any reservations, and it has been that way for a while. We are part of the mass exodus from Louisiana escaping Mardi Gras. We have discovered 5 other families from my daughters class who are going at the same time. That’s just from one class. I can only imagine how many people are heading that way. I’ve talked to a mom of my daughter’s friend and they had yet to make their reservations. yikes for them.


When we go in the Dec., between parties at MK and early hours at the other parks, my DH is thrilled to be “forced” to go back to the room. He is not a night time party animal.


I was hoping early May would be post Easter, post spring break and pre- summer break.


It is but the slower times are getting busier every year. May is still going to be better than holidays or summer. It would be my pick month if I could get the time off work.


The one thing I noticed with my May trip was school trips. All well behaved but definitely noticed at counter services seeing a lot of them had vouchers so it would be common of a group of 35 kids show for food at the same time.


I think you are going to be fine. I would try to avoid any days that have some form of holiday associated with it. ie. Mother’s day, Memorial day and you should be good to go. My wife decided the “when” for this disney trip. I have only been in the early to mid part of December and that is what I like. My wife is tied to a the NFL right now, and we cannot go in December, as of now, so we decided to try out Mardi Gras since all the schools are out. I did some research and the general concensus was that it would be low/moderate crowds due to the timing. I think that is going to be off. I’m thinking it will be larger crowds. Everyone seems to be going to disney around here. Oh well, my daughter is so amped up about it, so we will have fun. I do think we are going to back off on disney for a while though. It’s becoming more of a diminishing return. Disney Teacher is soooo right in that the “slow” seasons are busier. I’m thinking it’s time to start exploring some new vacation spots. My daughter is getting to the age where she can appreciate more than just a ride or character, so I’m thinking of some international vacations. Maybe disney will call to us after a little time away. It’s probably just me, but I don’t really like how disney is changing. just me though.


DH and I also like early Dec, but this trip is with DS and family and swimming and heat is important to them. You know Dec can be from slightly toasty to just awful cold. Really hard to say that there would be water parks on the menu for sure.

I’m just concerned with the 3 FP+ thing. Even in “slower” times, we’d get a fp and just people watch or if in MK, go on people mover a few times. Hardly stood in line for a ride. Now there is no choice.


I was there in May last year and the MK was open until 11pm most of the time we were there - no idea why at all. Totally not busy.


I was there in May last year and the MK was open until 11pm most of the time we were there - no idea why at all. Totally not busy.


Let me make a guess ,can you say the mine ride finally opening…???


Let me make a guess ,can you say the mine ride finally opening…???