Disney's Magical Express FAQs


Here is a site that may help answer some of the questions about Disney’s Magical Express.


Keep in mind that this is from the Disney meeting site so the information is for group travel. To book DME call CRO, DVC members book through Member Services. I thought it was interesting to read that Bell Service gratuities are included for luggage delivery to resort rooms. I would have tipped again.

I am not sure how often the site is updated but I have heard SWA has been added to the list of airlines. Disney didn’t confirm this, in fact, after calling I was told SWA is not one of the participating airlines.


Great thread Steph. This is going to be helpful for those considering it. I am still wainting for one of us to try it. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.


After reading that page I am more excited than ever to try this.

I booked it to All Star Movies and our return from BCV and had no problems with two different resorts. This just sounds so easy.


Reading through that, it looks like I can arrange to have my bags taken to the airport and get my boarding pass and not actually take ME. That is awesome. It will be especially helpful on my last day when I am wanting to go to the parks etc. I will be able to get to the airport way later and use every minute. I will have my boarding pass and luggage checked and only need to go through security…what a time saver. :flowers:


Yeah, I did notice though that the Airline desks close at 2PM, so you could check out of the resort, check in with the airline, go to the parks, and get private transportation to pick you up at the parks if you wanted.


Here is another site with FAQs for Disney’s Magical Express.



Thanks Steph and everyone else.

I don’t think we’re going to use it. Call me spoiled, but saving an extra 15-45 minutes each way is warth the extra money to take a Town Car, especially that we fly JetBlue (not one of the select airlines).

On arrival night, we get in at 10pm. If we use QS, we could be in bed by 11pm. With the Magical Express, it would probably be more like midnight.

Then, on the way home, we’re flying out at 5:30. With the extra time needed for the Magical Express, we probably wouldn’t be able to keep our 12:40 PS for Le Cellier.

If JetBlue signs up with this… THEN we might consider it.

Until then, QuickSilver keeps me as a happy and loyal customer. :smile:


I totally understand where you are coming from. We tossed it back and forth and went with DME because it’s free and sounds easy.

Like JetBlue, my airline isn’t on the list either but the only difference I can find is that we have to handle our bags on the return trip only and I can’t get my boarding passes at my resort. From what I can find it looks all airlines are the same, inbound flights all get the luggage service no matter what airline.

We are booking QuickSilver for my inlaws when they return to the airport (We are staying another week.). I want it to be as stress-free as it can be.


I have a question about this. I understand how it works when you arrive at the airport. Disney picks you up and takes you to your resort and then you are free to do what you want and your luggage will be in your room later on. Says time ( I guess)

But now this is where I get confused… Lets say your flight isnt until 6pm and check out time is 11am. Can you check out of your hotel and have your luggage brought to the airport while you go into the parks and then come back to your resort to catch the disney bus to the airport? I think that other page said that the disney bus will pick you up about 3 hours before your flight.


You can have Bell Services hold your luggage or I believe DME will keep your bags until you actually get picked up.


After reading through it, DME sounds more appealing than it initially did. It sounds like Disney is doing all they can to make it convenient and easy to understand.

I don’t think we will use it in October, but if we take another trip between then and the time the celebration ends, I think we may give it a shot.