Disney's Magical Express luggage service


This will be our first trip since this option became available and I was wondering how people’s experiences have been using it? How long does it take for the luggage to get to your room? Is it easier to just get it off the conveyer belt and put it on the bus? We signed up for it but now I am having second thoughts on whether or not it’s actually worth it. Thoughts?


We took it in September and had a good experience. Our flight landed around 2:10, we got to the resort by around 3:40 and the rest of our luggage was in our room by 5 o’clock. I think it probably depends on how busy the ME service is when you are there. I think we were there at a slow to moderate time - our bus was about 1/3 full when we left the airport.


We used DME in July and we had our luggage about 2 hours after we checked in. We always pack a carry on bag each with a change of clothes just in case so I wasn’t too worried.


We used it for our New Years Eve trip and it was a mixed bag for us. We arrived in the early afternoon and our luggage didn’t make it to the room till after 6pm. On the other hand I didn’t have to deal with all those bags and that was a good thing!


We used it in June and December, and had two different experiences. It was very smooth and quick in June, but in December it was anything but. It seemed to us that the service you receive depends on the time of day that you arrive, and the day you arrive.


Thanks for the info. Since we are only going for 3 days I think I will err on the side of caution and carry them myself.


You can always not use your yellow ME tags on the flight down and then if you are on one of the airlines with onsite check in, check you bags at the your hotel.

A bag or two on the bus is really no problem. Driver will stash them the baggage area and you will be dropped very near the check in area at the terminal.


That’s a good idea Rich. thanks for the tip