Disney's Mysteries Myths & Legends Tour?


Does anyone have any info on the Disney’s Mysteries Myths & Legends Tour? We read about it in the Spring 2005 issue of Disney Magazine. We are particularly interested to see if they are running it in the summer of 2005. It sounds very cool :cool: It sounds sort of like WDW’s E-Ride Night but dealing with the “dark side” of Disney. :ohmy:

Thanks very much!

Wini :flowers:


I thought that looked cool, too! Too bad I never make it to Disneyland!


Ive never done the tour but it sounds cool, sorry I couldnt help much.


I don’t know any info about the tour, but I know at our CM orientation, they gave us a bit of a preview of the types of things they introduce in that tour. FASCINATING, ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING! :whistling I would pay to take that tour any day…


I have been seriously thinking about taking it this summer, does anyone now of the price?