Disney*s OFFICIAL Wall-E website!


For everyone who’s excited about Wall-E coming this summer, or want to learn more about it this is a pretty cool website:

Games, pictures, videos, etc…

WALL•E : Official Site


We keep seeing the preview for it and just can’t wait!! Thanks for the link.


Cool! Thanks for the link:)


Ok, tell me why I should be excited for this movie. I would like to be, but all I can think of is the movie Short Circuit with the same kind of robot. :confused: Anyone else?


Thanks for the link Wishy. I already think he’s pretty cute. The previews I’ve seen have me on the edge of my seat waiting for this one.


This movie looks so cute…I can’t wait to see it!!!

Prezcatz Paul


The DDs and I can’t WAIT . . . better yet, do you think they make him into a meet and greet at the park . . . like lightin’???


Great link-thanks.