Disney's Official Word About October 3rd and 4th


I sent them an email and this is what I have gotten back.

[I]Dear Tony,

Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World Resort.

At this time, no information relating to your inquiry has been

Thank you.


Ann Polson

WDW Online Communications[/I]


Boy…that clears things right up!:blink:


Wow, clear as mud! :blink:


UNREAL! I have never seen a answer to an inquiry state that there is no answer to the inquiry! :glare::crying::glare::ohmy:

Bizarre - this seems quite odd to me…do you think someone is trying to Surprise Miley Cirus?:laugh::laugh::laugh:


I’m sure that if they are closing early because of Miley they are not going to announce it to the world. You will have screaming fans breaking down the rope to get to her! LOL


It’s just so frustrating that celebrities are treated like royalty. I’m just a tad bit disappointed in Disney for catering to her and not the masses.


Oh, if I were as rich as her daddy, I would want my 16 yr old daughter to have her party at WDW. :eek:

I can understand her booking it and them booking it, but the lack of notice is really what has stuck in my craw…but it doesnt affect me, so I am more annoyed, sympathetic to those it does involve and curious at the same time!:confused:


Disney’s reply is almost like getting a straight answer from the government. lol


Wow! kinda left me speachless!


Dear Tony,

I have no clue.


Ann Polson
WDW Online Communications

:laugh: Why even bother!??!


Well, naturally everyone will be celebrating my and Voldy’s birthday on Oct. 3.:closedeye


This still is ridiculous that they are putting out thousands of people for one spoiled child!


Dear Tony,

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

And thank you for your interest in Walt Disney World!

Ann Polson

(Seriously, they should be able to give you some sort of polite explanation. And if they were really stepping up to the plate, they could give you some alternative fun suggestions for those nights! :huh::blink::crying:


remember the miley thing is just a rumor… but I do wonder what is going on…


Kind of reminded of my time in the service. Aim your weapons that way and fire. No, you don’t need to know why. Just spoil the day of the people on the other end.


That makes the most sense to me. I mean, did you see her on GMA a few weeks ago? It was the biggest crowd they’d ever had!

I don’t necessarily have any ill will for Miley. She is a hard working young lady, I don’t see her as a spoiled brat ruined by fame (…ehmm, Britney). But it would have been nice to give the other guests a little more lead time!


Ok, so I heard about the possibility of a birthday party for Miley Cyrus on 10/4, but what are the rumors about 10/3?


[QUOTE=MissDisney;867624]Dear Tony,

(Seriously, they should be able to give you some sort of polite explanation. And if they were really stepping up to the plate, they could give you some alternative fun suggestions for those nights! :huh::blink::crying:[/QUOTE]

I took my own fun suggestions for those nights. Notice the change for October of this year from the Contemporary to the Hard Rock down below. :tongue:


Here is the thing . . . that “spoiled child” has made BILLIONS for the Walt Disney World Co. The Hannah Montana franchise is one of the largest, and is helping to keep WDW quarterly earning on the rise.

This happened years ago with Michael Jackson . . . when he closed the park for his personal party as well. Mega stars get MEGA treatment!

It does STINK for everyone involved and I am SHOCKED that WDW didn’t plan better . . . but even with MK closed there is still a multitude of things you can do at WDW. (and I’m sure they are not announcing it-due to the fan craze it will cause)

October is a quieter time . . . this week is even listed on the WDW site as a low crowd week . . . so it’s probably why they picked it.

PIXIE dust to everyone going they are able to get ressies to replace the ones they had a MK . . . :heart:


These dates don’t affect me, but I agree about disrupting peoples planned vacations that they probably worked on for a year or more.
Has anyone looked at Miley’s web site for her schedule for those dates and see where she is supposed to be on the planet?