Disney's Pirate & Princess Party


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Disney’s Pirate & Princess Party

For 13 select nights from Jan. 22 through March 8, guests can embark on a quest for beads and chocolate treasures as they are immersed in a world of pirates and princesses during the all-new “Pirate & Princess Party” at the Magic Kingdom. Witness a special parade and fireworks, experience Pirate Coves and Princess Courts filled with treasure and specially-themed entertainment and enjoy Character Meet and Greets and some of the most popular Magic Kingdom Park attractions. Tickets go on sale in mid-July and cost just $42.95 plus tax (ages 10 and up), $35.95 plus tax (ages 3 to 9). Advance ticket prices are available for all 13 nights.


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Walt Disney World Resort - Disney’s Pirate & Princess Party


WOW, this sounds so great!! DD would love it!!! Hopefully it will be popular and they’ll extend the dates. We aren’t going to MK until April. Can’t wait to hear how it is!!


Aw we’ll have left by the time it starts! It sounds amazing aswell!!


is that an all day event? Is it like the neverland club where you drop them off? That would be the day we get back from the cruise and it might be a nice treat for the kids-


Sounds great! Hope it is a success and it is extended!

April -
Mom to two pirates and a princess


This sounds like lots of fun. I hope we can be there in the winter. If so, i would love to do this. We love all the special parties. MNSSHP is our favorite.


I just called on this and they said its something that you do with the kids and its from 7:30pm to 12:30am and here is a hint- that means that there will be fireworks that night at MK…


Has anyone purchased tickets for this event? I can’t wait to hear how it is. We went to MNSSHP last year and it was so great! They really do a great job with these events. CAn you imagine how excited kids will be going on a treasure hunt at the MK!!! I REALLY hope they add dates on for the end of April.


I told DH about it today, and just to be funny he asked if he could choose to be a princess. :laugh: I would love to go to this. And omg DNiece would love it! I might have to talk DH into going and taking her, since he gets a bonus in Feb. DNiece has never been to WDW.


HMM, maybe a girls only trip for DD and me!


Is it me? I’m kind of disappointed it’s for kids.


Wait, so it’s ONLY for kids? :cry: What would the adults do then? I guess adults can still see the entertainment and the parade, right?


I’m sad that this ends on march 8th as I won’t actually be arriving until mid april. It sounds like a blast.


Adults can still attend, but it appears as if the focus in on the yutes. Last time I was hunting Easter eggs, I had to cross check some little girl going for the same chocolate bunny as I.


Why am I not surprised Boss Mouse? :laugh: Just kidding.

And I so wanted to be a pirate :crying: