Disneys Polynesian dinner show


We haven’t been to this in at least 10+ years, but are thinking about going on our next trip.

Is it as good as it used to be? Do they still pick audience members up on stage?

I know it’s 2 dining points which kind of stinks, but that’s ok my kids will enjoy the show I’m sure so just wanted to get input from all of you who have gone to it recently. Thanks everyone.


I havent been in years either. I have read lots of reviews that the show isn’t that good now with the Lilo and Stitch addition and that service is slow, so while food and beverages are included, it is slow to get refills, etc. I would be interested in hearing what other Mousebuzzers think as I contemplate going back almost every trip.


Do you mean the luau? If so, we went in October for the first time, and I thought it was okay…I wouldn’t do it again though. Show was kind of boring and I wasn’t impressed with the food at all. My DH did get picked out of the audience to go up on stage and dance, which was hilarious, but other than that, I wasn’t impressed and DH and I both said we don’t need to go do it again anytime soon.


We did it for our second time in December, it wasn’t bad at all. The show was the same, but we had a great wait staff who kept our table filled with food and our beer pitchers full. I would recommend everyone do it at least once.

In the summer, I wouldn’t sit in the back as it is incredibly hot back there, but for our December trip, it was nice and comfortable in the back.


We really enjoyed it when we went. Yes the show wasnt brilliant but it was entertaining and the food and drink were well replenished.
We went through free dining so that was a bonus too. I think we’d do it again, it was a lovely evening and the Poly resort is so nice.


I really enjoyed it, BUT if I were choosing, I think hoop-de-do is much more entertaining!


The only thing I remember when we back in 1982 was I had a terrible migrane, and I missed the whole thing. Don’t even think I had a bite to eat. :frowning:


I enjoyed the old and new show. I don’t go every time I visit but I have been about 5 times. The new show is not that different, they just added a little bit of a story to it and some songs from Lilo and Stitch. The food has always been good and they have always brought plenty. I have never heard anyone around me say they were not enjoying the food or show. Hoop-de-doo is more exciting but I like the SOA food better. I would not go in colder seasons and infact they have canceled a few shows lately because of cold weather. I also suggest going to the earlier show. After an long day in the parks, the late show can seem long.

I think it is one of those things you have to try and not really go by others opinions. You won’t really know until you go.


Haven’t been since 1995. It was the lowlight of a 2 week trip. I know the show has changed so it might be better now. The show just seemed to drag on and on. The fire dance was cool.
I also remember not enjoying the food very much.


I didn’t like it at all when we went. The food wasn’t so great and the show was eh… :pinch: I wouldn’t do it again.