Disney's Race for the Taste


Disney’s Race for the Taste will be going on October 8th (which is the day we arrive) does anyone know anything about this–like will roads be blocked etc?


I am not sure bella. Try calling WDW and asking them. I wish I had more information for you.


Do try calling WDW, but usually when there are things like marathons, etc., they do them before the parks open and make them as minimal a hindrance to the guests as possible. We went during the marathon last year and didn’t encounter any barriers or blockades–didn’t even notice increased crowds.


I did a quick Google search and found that it is a 10K race that starts at the WWoS complex at 7AM. It looks like the race is in combination with the Food and Wine Festival… but thats all it really says.


whoohoo i’ll still be in South Carolina at 7 a.m. (Asleep probaly)

i guess i dont have TOO much to worry about


I’m not sure how long the event goes on for… they did have pictures of people running through Epcot at night.