Disney's The Weekenders


Does anyone else love this show as much as I do?

I watch it every morning while getting ready for work and I am becoming slightly obsessed with it. I know there are 78 mini episodes that ran over 4 seasons in 2000-2004, but I am fairly certain they don’t air them all on the Family Channel here in Canada (where all the Disney programming is).

Anyone know if these are available on DVD or anything?


UM, what is this show you speak of?


I think it was on Toon Disney in the US. Was about 4 kids in middle school - animated.


Ohhh…never heard of it! I am addicted to other Disney Channel shows, though. (Hannah Montana, Suite Life, Raven…:ph34r: )


I had not heard of this show until today. And then I find a posting of it hear as well. Weird.


I have never heard of this show either! :huh:


Oh you guys, this show rocks. It is soooooo cute and funny. It is, in my opinion, the best Disney animated cartoon. Closely followed by Disney’s Recess :slight_smile:
It might still be on Toon Disney in the US in repeats, as it is on Family Channel here in Canada.


Here is the Wikipedia link - check it out!

The Weekenders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Wow it looks cute!! I wonder why I have never seen it before…thanks for the link!

Edit: Whoa. :eek: 7,000th post. :whistling


Cool. Thanks!