Disney's Top 10 Moms Panel Picks


What do you think? Do you agree with this panel of Moms?

"Ever wanted to know the best places to take your kids among all the great attractions at Walt Disney World? That’s why in 2008 Disney put together the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, a free, online forum led by real, park-savvy parents who assist with the vacation planning process.

It’s not easy to get onto the panel. Disney receives literally thousands of applications to join the panel each year, but only a handful of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic Disney “know-it-alls” are asked to join this elite roster.

The 44-member panel was polled on their favorite attractions for kids and families, and here are their top 10."

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I’ve never paid any attention to the moms. I guess I’ve always kind of assumed that because they are chosen by Disney, they can’t tell you all of the best money-saving tips and planning strategies that Disney doesn’t want you to know. :laugh: I much prefer it over here on MB.


Pretty good list but I could have thought of LOTS of things other than the Mickey ears and MNSSHP. Take those two out and add any of the classic rides or shows and I’d give the list two thumbs up.


I don’t need a group of moms to tell me and my kids what we like. I take advice from all the MBers and I know I get streight answers. Thanks ALL


Ok, lets see…

A resort…
A bunch of restaraunts…
And a Park for crying out loud!!! Not even a ride in that park.

Fire the selected and successfully converted Corporate Puppet Disney Mom’s NOW and replace them with a few of our MB Moms. At least everyone will get the straight scoop and a list that makes sense. Sad.


“Favourites” is so subjective…

Maybe it gives good tips to first-timers, but everyone’s family dynamics are different and “many-timers” form their own opinions and discover their own favourites.


I think to people who aren’t as well versed in WDW as we are, this would be a good starting point. I’m sure if you asked the panel individually you would get alot different answers.


I have my own opinions. They are being paid by Disney, so I don’t feel their opinions are truly their opinions.


How can they suggest at the same time ‘Hop Dee Doo Revue’ and ‘Festival Of The Lion King’? The HDDR is a sit down dinner (2 sit downs if on the dinning plan) for an extra cost that has nothing to do with the parks, and FOTLK is an attration at the Animal Kingdom that you can see for the cost of a park entry.


Hmmm…not my list, but then I beat to my own drum :happy:


I mean this in the nicest way… Mousebuzz is the only advice I take. (Like minded people)