Disney is having their pin sale. 50% off and free shipping offer. Go get those pins!!!


Oh no, Dana! There seems to be dozens of pins that I am interested in. I am still trying to pay off the Christmas bills! :noo:

But, they are on sale . . . . :huh: Perhaps I can narrow down the list . . . :smile:

Thanks for the heads up!


Yay!! I’ve been checking disneyshopping.com like twice a week, just waiting for this sale! Thanks Dana!!!


Gulp, Dh is not going to like this.


I…must…show…restraint… Resolve…weakening…must…destroy…credit…cards before it’s too late… :tongue:

Thanks for the heads up Dana. I’d be interested to know what, if any, pins my fellow DC’ers pick up…


Well I have expanded my Captain Hook collection and got a few patriot ones. Including Mickey as George Washington (see below)
Anyway be sure to use a code
Saveonhome for 10% off
or NXTJMP07 for $10 off your $75+ order.


Awesome! I guess it is time to buy some pins! :wink:


I just bought a jungle cruise pin (LE 1000) and a three caballeros pin (LE 500)…woo hoo from baloo!


I’m going if for the score now, cover me!!

Good work Baloo, I buy almose only LE pins now too.


My DH called to tell me NOT to read my e mail this morning because he knew this was in my inbox…


I picked up a few (cough, cough) pins that I’d had my eye on for a while. No great deals on older sets like in past sales (when you could pick up park trader fodder for under two bucks a pop) but I managed to find a couple for the trade bag and even more keepers! Thankfully my wife is also an addict… and of course Disney Visa loves us!

Peace & Pins,



I grabbed 5 pins. 3 of which were only $3.99. I got the TOT and POTC LE pins for my DD for $4.99. I actually showed tons of self control that time. I only spent 20 ish dollars.


I’m a sucker for that “free” shipping! They got me for the full 75+. I did use the old Disney Visa for an extra 15% off though… I guess it’s a “good new/bad news” situation!


We got several from the Disneyland® Park Holiday Pin Sets. There are 4 pins in the set and the set was $12.99, so approx $3.25 per pin. Not the $2.00 per pin like they usually have, but cheaper than buying in the parks!!


sucker here, too. On the bright side, the shipping would have cost well over $12.00 if I hadn’t, which equalled out to 4 more pins!