Hey there I was just checking out this site and there are so many cute things on there. I love the new Mickey Furniture. Boy I wish I had a bigger house. Anyway I wanted to mention this to anyone out there with children. On the site they have a cute Mickey table, chairs and umbrella. OMG it is way too cute… You can get the whole set for 299.00(you only get 2 chairs though the pic show 4) plus they have nother special of save 17%on your order. The whole thing comes to 249.11 Which I think is a great price. Even though we dont have children I had to buy it for our backyard It is way too cute…


Oh now…no home should be without that set-up! It is just too cute.


How cute is that??!!!


That’s cute!

The twisted part of me is laughing at the thought of the creepy shadows that the umbrella would cast on a kid’s wall… :laugh: :mellow:


I saw that. Oh how I wish my DD was young enough to still want something like that…it’s ADORABLE!


Do they have adult-sized chairs?


In this style I didnt see any but they did have a nice kitchen table set with mickey chairs that I saw. I figure give them time they are sure to come out with an adult mickey table if they havent allready and we just havent seen it.