Stumbled across this web site. Says its coming soon. Is it something new or replacing something old? I signed up for it, thought it may be of interest to everyone. See what you think.http://test.dmldevelopment.com/download/disney/download_460.aspx


Never seen this before, please let us know if you get anything.


wow, it’s from Disney Parks. I am going to keep and eye on it myself. sounds good - thanks for posting it, Dave


Thanks for the heads up, it looks like it may be interesting.


Sounds similar to Disney Link.


I signed up with an email address I don’t use often just in case…


Sounds cool, so I signed up too.


It looks like we may finally be up and running! Very cool!!!


Is it valid?


It originates for disneyparks.com. I also saw that Disney was promoting it on the back page of the information booklet that they sent me after booking this years vacation. Seems legitimate enough for me, but use your own judgment.


I remember seeing this when you first posted it. Will have to check it out. Thanks!


Oh this is fun looking and it works for MAC! :laugh: Usually I have trouble with such things.


This is really cool! Thank you


I just wish it wasn’t so big! If it were smaller, I’d have the countdown on my desktop- but it’s huge!


Haha, I downloaded it, too… couldn’t resist!


That’s funny… mine is small. I wish it were bigger, I’m squinting to read it.


Hmm…that is weird because mine is huge too! I would love to have the countdown on my desktop but it takes up about 1/4 of my desktop. I wonder if it has options to change the size. If not, it may have something to do with the size/resolution of your screen.


Well, it’s not that small… the font is just really small and difficult to read.


I too could not control myself and downloaded!:laugh:

Great bunch of enablers we all are!:laugh:


I love mine and the size is just right! Thanks for sharing this. I like the way you can do ADR’s from this and also check in on line- brilliant, delighted thanks!