Disneyworld Character Changes for August 2010


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This monthly article comes to us from Character Hunt check them out on Facebook. Here are the most up to date Character Changes at the Walt Disney World Resort.


* Duffy the Disney Bear is going to start making appearances at Epcot, tentative start date is October 14.
* DAK’s Good Times Gathering Spot is home to an interactive character experience this summer; June 13th-August 7th, 10:00a-3:00p daily.
* Power Rangers are leaving DHS on August 8th.
* Vidia is going to start making appearances at Pixie Hollow in August.


* MNSSHP 2010 preliminary character list is posted.
* Storytime with Belle is expected to close mid-September.
* Rapunzel, Mother Gothel and Flynn are expected to start making appearances in the Magic Kingdom in October.
* Phineas and Ferb are sparking more talk to get these hot characters to WDW; a possible park/location is even being discussed. Still planned for sometime in FY2011, no set dates yet.
* Perry the Platypus and Agent Oso have popped up as characters, but no sign at WDW.


* Mickey and Minnie are moving to Exposition Hall once Toontown closes (announced for spring 2011). No word on if this will become their permanent greeting location, but most indicators point to yes.
* Princesses are moving to Exposition Hall as well. Once the Fantasyland Forest is complete, the princesses will move to their appropriate locations.
* Ariel is appearing in the Adventureland Veranda with Prince Eric. Once the Fantasyland Forest is complete, Ariel will move to her new grotto.
* Pooh and Tigger are meeting in the Town Square Tour Guide Gardens. A new location is being rumored (sooner rather then later) to hold them until the expansion is completed.
* Fairies are moving to a different park once Toon Town closes; they will not fit in Expo hall as initially announced, more information to come.


* CDCT is getting a slight make over, tentatively announced for August 8th. The princess unit will be reorganized and Tiana and Naveen are replacing King Louie and Baloo on the castle unit.
* Disney’s Electrical Parade (DEP) has returned to the Magic Kingdom, the currect expected end date is August 14th. (EXTENDED!!)
* The Hoedown has transformed into a Flash Mob in Frontierland! This change occurred on February 26th.
* The Pirate Tutorial is performing on a new stage in Adventureland! The stage was tested in summer 2009, but has become permanent as of January 5th.
* Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee was discontinued after January 3rd with little momentum to support a possible return.
* Totally Tomorrowland Christmas was considered a success in 2009 so there is a strong indication it will be back in 2010!

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Read more: Disneyworld Character Changes for August 2010 | Chip and Co. Disneyworld Character Changes for August 2010 | Chip and Co.


Yes yes yes lets hope for a Phineas & Ferb addition, not to mention Perry the Platypus too!!


Perry the Platypus?
This I’ve got to see.
I’ve got an idea.
How about Professor Ludwig von Drake in Tomorrowland?


YES! Ludwig Von Drake.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1042197]Perry the Platypus?
This I’ve got to see.
I’ve got an idea.
How about Professor Ludwig von Drake in Tomorrowland?[/QUOTE]

Missed the LvD and Tomorrowland connection. As Ricky would say to Lucy… ‘splain that again.’


I know! Our whole family loves Phineas & Ferb…I even caught DH watching it with no kids around once. It’s a great show. My little one would also love to see Special Agent Oso.


I really would love to meet P & F and Perry too. I know those of you who have young boys might not agree, but so happy to see the Power Ranger go. I have never thought they were a good fit for Disney. I’ve never heard of Duffy, but I’d love to meet him too.


Looks like Duffy is from Disneyland Toyko - I’ve seen books at WDW with Mickey, Minnie and Duffy.


They need a bunch of emails that say, “Hey, Where’s Perry?” My kids would LOVE to see Phineas and Ferb… What is taking so long???


awesome link & info.!!
thanks so much, Mickeysgirlz, for posting this!


i am so glad my DH & DD were both picked last trip to be i the “story time with belle” show we went to. we go once very trip and they were lucky enough to both be picked last time…i was delighted to get it all on video. DH made a wonderful “beast”!:wub:


Great link. I never about the Character Hunt website. My kids love P& F characters. DD has asked if OSO will be there in October. Wished I would have got a chance to meet Dug.


You guys will flip out if you get to meet Perry, as I have :biggrin:


Wait . . . when did you meet Perry? You are lucky to have so many Disney Friends!


Ludwig von Drake is a scientist/inventor.:whistling


To obvious. No wonder I missed it. :blush: Thanks.