Disturbing trend


Hey all. I was wondering if everyone could chime in on this.

There have been a handful of posts recently which seem to indicate a new trend evolving where Disney is creating a caste system of guests.

There was a post the other day about the manager at Chef Mickey’s implying that Contemporary guests were favored over Value resort guests.

Then there was a post today which conveyed a story of not being allowed to sit at unoccupied seats by the fish tank at Coral Reef because they were “reserved.”

I don’t begrudge Disney for allowing guests to pay for the “white glove” treatment, but when it’s at the expense of the other guests, I object wholeheartedly.

Is this a big problem or ar these just isolated events? Has anyone else had similar problems?


I don’t know if this is really relevant, but yesterday I called central reservations. I have an AP code for wilderness lodge in September, and I have a woods view room, I want to book a standard room to save a few bucks. Last time I called, I was told that all the standad rooms at that rate were sold out and to keep trying in case one becomes available. So, yesterday when I called, the CM told me that there were no standards available and that the discount was really to try to upsell guest into staying at the higher priced rooms, so i wouldn’t really have much luck trying to book a standard. What was weird about it was that I know they have standard rooms with the AP discount at more expensive deluxe resorts (and at value and moderates, for that matter). I don’t know if this is the trend you are referring to, or if it even means anything, but something seemed wrong about that conversation to me…


I sure hope these are isolated events MerlinMatt!!! We are staying concierge at the POLY this time but usually we stay at a more Moderate or value priced hotel and I would not want to be treated any diffferently at either!!! I mean this is Disney, we are to all be treated the same!!! At least that is what I have had CM’s tell me!!
Kinda makes you wonder tho??? :glare:


Matt, when I went on my honeymoon, Pete and I wore the “wedding ears” and then we got special treatment like being put in nicer seating areas, bumped to the front of the line for the Safari in AK and then put in the very front row all to ourselves, given souvenirs for free at CRT. I can imagine that might put other guests off a bit, and I’m sure we won’t get the same treatment when we return next month (although Pete wants to wear the ears again, I told him absolutely not :biggrin: ).

We stayed at the Floridian, but I don’t think that had anything to do with our special treatment. I think Disney wants new married couples to remember how great they were treated so they will bring their kids and keep coming back.


I’m ok if they try to upsell us. It is a business after all.

But once I’m onsite, I want to get all the magic. I don’t want a CM throwing it in my face that I could get something better by spending more money.


I haven’t noticed anything like that. When we were there a year ago for DD’s 18th birthday & she wore her pins they gave her special treatment, but I’ve never had anyone suggest that if I spent more money or whatever that I would get perks. Of course, if you think about it, the Fantasmic packages are kind of like that.


Oh, I totally disagree.

You’re going to be eating dinner anyway and the H&V dinner is actually a decent price.

The only thing I find frustrating with the Fantasmic package is timing your call right to get a good time for dinner.

I’m now becoming encouraged that these bad things are isolated. :mickey:


[QUOTE=MerlinMatt]Oh, I totally disagree.
You’re going to be eating dinner anyway and the H&V dinner is actually a decent price.QUOTE]

H&V might be good, but I find that by doing the package at Brown Derby or Mama Melrose I’ll wind up spending more than I would have if we just had a regular meal. So in effect I feel like I’m paying for the “reserved seating” anyway.


I think that you said you were going for your anniversary. Make sure and tell everyone that you can if it is your anniversary. DW and I went last year for our 10th anniversary and we got treated pretty nicely.


I definitely will, thanks for the tip :mickey:


This is more positive reinforement for me. I’m ok with people getting special treatment because of their situation (birthday, anniversary, etc.). That’s what Disney is SUPPOSED to do. :mickey:



The issue we had at the Corral Reef ( I think you were refering to us ) was back 8 or 9 years ago, so I think that is just a matter of Corral Reef’s struck-up attitude. The last two trips we went on we stayed at moderate resorts rather then the deluxes we used to stay at when my old company was footing the bill and yet we had a fantastic time during the Thanksgiving Holiday this last trip. I particulary have outstanding things to say about the cast at the Crystal Palace for Thanksgiving Day dinner, flat out best dinner we have ever experianced.

I have tried for several years to figure out the funding necessary to take one of my girls softball teams down for the February Tournament they have every year, and in that case we would have to stay at one of the All-Stars. From what I have been reading maybe it is not such a bad thing that we never got it together for one of those trips.



This is a question that has a many answers as Disney has visitors. I, personally, have experienced both sides. I’ve been given some outstanding service at WDW and in one instance (at California Grill), I’ve been treated like something you’ve dragged in on your shoe. I’m sure whatever training castmembers get, they don’t get instructed to treat guests with a view to their monetary status. However, you cannot change some people’s personal views. There are always those who have the perception that the more money you spend or the fancier the resort you stay at, you rate better service and are more “special” than someone staying off-site or at a Value Resort. This, of course, is ridiculous, but you can’t change some people’s ingrained views. So, I don’t think it’s a disturbing trend. I think it’s personal experiences with individuals. For every bad story, there’s a good story, and vice-versa.


All I know is that when we stay at one of the value resorts, the buses at the end of the day seem to come more often for the deluxe and moderate resorts and leave tons of us standing there waiting.


I think that’s a Murphy’s Law thing…when we’re waiting for a bus back to BWV, we always seem to see many more busses for the value & moderate resorts!! :wacko:


I will have to say that I have stayed at the Value and Moderates and have always been treated well. We also do ALOT of resort hopping just for adventure and to try the different restaurants, we have never been treated as if we were “out of our place” quite the opposite acutally. Of course that is in regards to the CMs and staff, the guests can be a different story :whistling


Personally, I shell out the cash for deluxe resorts strictly because of their proximity to the parks. We don’t like to rent a car, so we want to be able to get where we want fast (hence the upgrade to Polynesian from Boardwalk, from what was originally POFQ). We don’t have a lot of money, we’re newlyweds for goodness sake, BUT we’re willing to cough it up before we have kids and can still afford to splurge once a year, and the Disney Visa goes a long way towards deferring the costs of food and entertainment.

And I walked around the Floridian in capris and a tee shirt with my mouse ears on my head. I certainly wasn’t high society.


I vote Isolated! my DW and I have almost always stayed at a value or moderate resort and have never had problems of this kind. In fact I really beleive you make you own magic by be more forward with CMs and joking around and such - always have a great time and if you ask the right people I think you can generate the response you want - doesn’t work all the time but having fun with the family and the people you interact with is the name of the game. That’s one of my favorite things is to meet and talk with the CMs and guest from all over. Yeah - definitely isolated!

MM :mickey:


I have stayed at both the values and the deluxes (no moderates yet) and have never been treated differently by park or restaurant CM’s because of my resort. I had several incidents of bad CM’s my last trip and I stayed at the AKL…I never had one when I stayed at the ASMovies. I have to agree with llama. A bad CM is a bad CM they don’t discriminate becasue of your resort. For every bad incident I can remember, I had 10 good ones. To them on-property is 24/7 magic and they want you to keep coming back. Why would they care if you stayed at a deluxe or a value as long as you are spending money? I personally stay at the deluxes becasue I like the big rooms and all the extras they offer…simple as that.


We have stayed at Boardwalk, and also at moderates, and even off-property. We have always been treated well.
I have to say, when we got around to staying off-property, we had been to WDW so many times that we thought we could deal with not being on-site. But I was really worried about how we would be treated. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for on-property guests to get more perks than off-site guests. I would have really been bummed if our effort to save a few bucks had ended up costing us in terms of how we were treated! But we were treated like royalty!