Disturbing trend


as an annual passholder and DVC member these new trends are very disturbing,the latest now is here in ca DLR resort the halloween fireworks used to run everyday,even though they had separate admissions for the halloween festivities,I believe here it is call mickey’s halloween party,the fireworks used to be the same whether you went to the event or on a non event night’s also …they moved the festivities from DCA to disneyland and now they will only show the fireworks on the event nights…thus leaving Premium annual passholders with the choice of not being able to go or pay additional money to get in to see the fireworks …personaly I don’t mind not going on the event night but the fireworks should be every night …once again the new corporate money grab …is a little unsettling…what will be next …christmas extra admissions …valentines etc…thus diminishing the AP value…anyone have any ideas on this…from what I have heard it has not gone down to well …many,many unhappy campers…


Seems like the future to me, either spend more money or get less for your buck.


my question would be what does it mean to have a premium annual pass,sure if you go to disneyworld in may the kingdom is closed early for grad nights,several times the studios where closed for a corporate function,but like I said the trend is growing that an admission is really not an admission,at this rate they might bring back e ticket coupons,you have had your one ride on space for the day…don’t get me wrong still love disney but the family thing seems to creeping out slightly and the corporate thing creeping in,what I truly wonder is it just coincidental or timed with roy disney’s passing …it truly was started by a mouse,but corporate greed might derail it…


I and my DW were AP holders for many years but the last 2 years have not renewed.
The AP’s have gone up in price at an alarming rate. And you seem to get less for your money. AP’s are still nice for FL residents or people in the nearby states, but to get to WDW enough times to make the AP’s profitable for us has also gotten more expensive.


this year we purchased premier AP’s will use at WDW,in a years time the pass for 37 days more than reasonable, for us not to mention being able to use at DLR for about the same amount of days,not to mention the discounts on food at DLR and the ability to use TIW at WDW…for us a good thing…also includes parking…which is great for DLR and the day trips and departure date use since parking is 15 dollars a wack


The only reason the Festivities were moved to Disneyland Park this year is because of all of the construction going on in DCA. Next year Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party should be back in DCA, if not, by 2012 at the latest when the park is finished. As for the Halloween Screams Fireworks Show only being shown for those with a ticket to the event, it’s just another way to make more money and make the event seem more “exclusive”. I have a feel that once the event is moved back to DCA that will come to and end, especially once Disney sees how much of a negative effect making the fireworks show exclusive to the ticketed event has had with the guests and CMs alike. But hey, who knows…


We all know it is about the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.