Diving the living seas


Well, I’m thirty days out, and I was wondering who I have to call to try and book a dive at the living seas. Am also slightly curious how much it costs for a PADI member. If anyone can help with this, I shall greatly appreciate it.

Tao of the Mouse :ph34r:


When I did it a couple of years ago - it cost $120.00 (cheaper with an AP) and I made the resi about 60 days out. They had a number , but I think central reservations can help with setting things up.

MM :ph34r:


I called earlier today about Dive Quest and they can take reservations well beyond the regular 90 days. As well, you do not need to purchase park admission to go on this tour. SO, we will do it our first dy there so we need one less day on our PH. Make sure when you call that you mention every affiliation you have in order to get the best price. (PADI, SSI, NAUI, DAN etc.) Please let me know what you think when you come back as we are really looking forward to this trip!


Well, I’m only thirty days out, SO I wonder if its too late to make the rez.


Just thought I’d throw my 2 cents in about the experience: LOVED IT! I will do it again sometime! It was the best thing I’ve done at WDW ever, the dive was just like performing for the guests watching - the fish were amazing and clowning around the windows at the Coral Reef resturante was great! My wife did the Dolphins in the Depths and I did the dive. It was the most memorable day we’ve had and they give you a video of the dive to show all your friends and family back home. If you’re a diver this is really a must to do at least once! MM :ph34r:


Tao - I’m sure that if you have a few days that you can do the dive and if you are willing to consider either the 4:30 or 5:30 dive you should be fine! Give them a call tomorrow (407 WDW TOUR) and they should be able to book you. Keep in mind that as soon as you book it they will charge your credit card.


Can’t wait to read a trip report about this dive we are booked for 12/17, doing dolphin’s in the morning and dive quest at 4:30 with lunch at the coral reef inbetween. We are really looking forward to this. I think the cost is $140. We’re NAUI rescue.