Dixie Crossroads Seafood anybody


Any body try this place, the rock shrimp looks
good and we need one more place to eat in
December. I thank you kindly


Franco, where is it? Off property?
I’m not seeing it listed on All Ears.


Sorry about that its offsite Titusville.


Yeah, I’d say Titusville is a bit off site.
All I can say is, if they do try and launch the Ares 1X test flight on Oct 27, I can try and spin by and get a look.
We’re currently scheduled to head for home on the 26th, but that could change, depending on weather and how the flight readiness review goes on the 23rd. So, if there is going to be a launch, we’ll stay the extra night.
If it happens, this launch will be a piece of history as the first flight of the Ares 1/Orion system which is supposed to replace the shuttle by 2015.

But no promises about a recon mission.


Fresh, wild shrimp. :yum:
Yup, if we catch the launch, I think we’ll eat lunch here.