Dixie stampede?


I know that there is one of these in Orlando, but we have never been. we are going to myrtle beach and there is one there. I think it sounds like a lot of fun but my 11 year old Kennedy says she thinks that shows like that are cruel to the animals. (I think she has been reading too many peta websites). Anyway, has anyone ever gone and what was it like, and did the animals seemed well cared for and were they treated nicely. I keep telling her that if they hurt the animals in any way that they wouldn’t be able to stay in business.


We went in Tennessee. The horses seem like Rodeo horses. I never thought once that they might be mistreated.

I liked it just OK. It was very expensive. Also I am one of those people who is peeved by wasted food. They gave us sooo much food even for our 5 yr old son. He got half a chicken just like the rest of us. I can’t even eat half a chicken not to mention all the other food they give. I would not go back again, but thats just me.


We looked at it last year, thought it would be really neat to go, and Dolly Parton was actually going to be there on the day we planned.

But the prices are up the wall!

We could swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove for roughly the same price.


Haa…I have actually been to the Dixie Stampede in Myrtle Beach!
And I am going to be a really big dork and go out on a limb and say I LOVE it! It IS expensive (about 40 I think) but the food is actually really good and the waiters and waitresses are all really nice and the show is very fun…the best part is they dont give you and silverware so you have to eat with your hands!
And tell your DD not to worry about the animals…they only have horses there and right outside the building they have a beautiful barn and pasture that they live in, if you get there early enough you can even go over and see them, and they don’t use the same horses everynight either, they have a lot so they rotate…they also hgave pigs…but i dont know where they go…but it’s fun and a great thing to do at the beach other than put-put, go swimming, and eat at calabash seafood and go to broadway at the beach!


I was at the Dixie stampede last night(in Orlando) with a group i had to take there The Daughters of the Nile. And i get in for free for been a driver and one thing was good and that was the food. They serve a whole chiken here ,i was suprised to see a whole chiken but is a small chik enough for a man but way too much for a child. The show …well it was funny but plain and simple what was this show about??? there was no structure to it and by the time i stood up and whent out to get my bus ready the other driver next to me had fallen asleep LOL
The animals they have the usual horses and they also have piglets,that they race around a track and also had a chiken race with kids from the audience ,you see the race and then you look at your plate you think you are eating the chik sister LOL
Also the have ostrich races.
The food i give them a B+ but is a carbon copy of medieval times except for the spare rib in MT here they give you a slice of pork.
The show… seen beter during the comercials in the superbowl D—
OH sorry forgot the preshow… it was actually better than the actual show but wayyyy to long it took us almost 1hr to get in and another 30min once we were in to get even a soda.
Just take in consideration i didnt have to pay and i could care less i just whanted the free food but i stayed for the show and you can see i didnt have a good time. :pirate:


I went to the one in Tn a while a go and had a blast and the food was good. They even picked some of us to participate in their show, not sure if they still do that. I really want to go again, especially to see their Christmas show which I hear is excellent.


We went to the Orlando Dixie Stampede last December, so we saw the Christmas show, but we still REALLY enjoyed it. The food is EXCELLENT, and there’s a lot of it. I’m a big eater, so I managed to eat it all, but it’s definitely a lot of food. We enjoyed it so much that we plan on going back to see the regular (not Christmas) version someday…


The building in Orlando is really neat! I love it because it means I’m in VERY close proximity to WDW.


It does look like fun, though!


Well, we did end up going and we liked it alright. The food was good and the show was just okay. Kennedy was happy to see the horses before the show. The only thing that she thought was “cruel” was the ostrich races. I don’t think ostriches are made for people to ride. It was entertaining but not something I’d be in a hurry to do again.