Dixie "Surprise" plate offer


Visit www.dixie.com for info on Dixie “surprise” plate offer. See most recent Disney Insider for information as well. You can win a magical gathering for up to 8 people.

Even if you don’t win, the plates and stuff are so cute. My kids love them.

Good luck to all.


ooh, very cute. Thanks for the link!


Cool, guess I’ll “have” to buy some plates! :wink:


You are welcome, hope you win!


Well…we DO need paper plates…just ran out last night…guess HB will have to pick some up! Thanks for the link!


I’m only ‘allowed’ to buy Dixie, because of Matt’s insane obsession with buying GP products…

I wonder if I am excluded since he is an employee of GP?


My DH isn’t fond of paper plates. I’ll have to go shopping without him next time because I am fond of disney world!!


We like 2 of the 3 patterns on the new plates. I wish they had cups larger than those dinky bathroom ones. :happy:



OOHH! Very cool! Too bad we do our shopping at BJ’s, and I doubt these come in bulk!


They are on my shopping list for this week. Good Luck Everyone!!!


Oh My I thought this thread was about me and the dreaded SM thread I thought I was going to be ambushed at MK-oh be still my beating heart!!!