Dizzygirl and Mr. Incredible's Pirates Adventure - STRANDED!


Well, DH and I were up bright and early this morning to try and hit the Pirates line before it could reach Main Street! We were at the park by 8, and even lucked out and got there right as they opened 4 more turnstiles…we were in the park in a SNAP!

The funny thing is…it didn’t matter. :nonono2: The line was already WRAPPED around the flagpole in Town Square! :eek:

We bit the bullet and got in line.

The wonderful thing was, the line just kept moving! It was moving like greased lightning! Even though cast members were telling guests, “The Pirates line is currently at 2+ hours…” we were actually IN the Pirates building in only 30 minutes!! :eek: :biggrin:

About 2 boatloads from the front of the line…our mouths watering…the line stopped moving. Completely. :dry:

Cast members announced that they were cycling out the ride, but we were welcome to stay in line…it should only take about 15 minutes! (The only reason we could figure was that Pirates tends to get backed up and has to be cycled out if the person launching the boats is too button-happy. A few seconds can make all the difference and cause a big jam.) Oh goody…:whistling So we watched boat after boat after boat after BOAT full of people return to the station, and I swear they just kept coming! I don’t know how many boats they had jammed up in that ride, but it was waaaaay more than the ride’s usual capacity! No wonder the line was moving so fast!

True to their word, in only about 15 minutes, they started loading the ride again. YAY! :biggrin: (Only 45 minutes in line, we weren’t complaining!)

We boarded our boat and were on our way to experience the new Pirates…woohooo!!!

So we made it out of the station and were observing Blue Bayou floating by when our boat STOPPED. I looked ahead and saw that the boats were literally butt-to-nose. :laugh: Honestly! I KNOW they’re trying to get the line to move fast, but this was getting ridiculous! We were even waiting in a huge queue while we were ON the ride! :laugh:

The talking skull looked (when we finally got there) looked BEAUTIFULLY refurbished! Oh, it made me so happy! He was just spiffed up and looking better than ever. :heart: Down the waterfall we went, WHEEEEEEE!!!

Well, to make a really long story short, we made it just past the Captain’s Quarters when our boat STOPPED. AGAIN. And this time, it was for good. :ohmy:

We knew something was wrong when we were repeatedly being asked to remain seated, and being assured that our “voyage to the Caribbean” would resume shortly.

Pretty soon, the audio track was snapped off. The effects were snapped off. And we were sitting in the most UN-magical Pirates world you could possible imagine. :rolleyes:


Our boats started moving again. There were cheers all around!

Problem was, someone forgot to turn the audio & special effects back on! :fork_off: So we floated silently past SEVERAL new additions to the ride, and it was TERRIBLE!!! :pirate: We couldn’t hear anything or even figure out what was supposed to be going on!

43 minutes after our initial foray into the world of Pirates, we returned to the dock, bored frustrated and with sore behinds! :dry:

I immediately hopped out of the boat and demanded that they let us ride again. The cast members were very obliging, and soon we were back in a boat!

This time, the ride only broke down once, and it was for about five minutes. :laugh: UGGGGGHHHHH!!! Beggars can’t be choosers! At least we had full special effects and music this time!

And it was worth it. :tongue:

My behind is NOT happy with me after sitting in the boat for over an hour~! But I got my Jack Sparrow fill, and I was truly thrilled with what they did with the ride. So little is actually changed, so they really maintainted the integrity of the original attraction. But the new things are just SO COOL! :whistling I will say this one thing…when Matt Ouimet said that Jack Sparrow was going to be “more lifelike than you could possibly imagine”, he wasn’t kidding! We saw a clip on TV last night, but that couldn’t even compare to seeing Jack in person. He’s INCREDIBLE! It’s like Johnny’s right there!! :eek:

Alas, no spoilers here. Y’all can go enjoy it for yourselves someday. :biggrin:

So Dizzygirl and Mr. Incredible entered the Pirates building at 8:46 AM, and left at 10:11 AM. That was our high-seas adventure!! :laugh:


SOMEHOW, I have this vision of dznygrl communicating her suggestions to make things right…:eek:

Glad you got to see the ride WITH the music and audio! :wub:


I can be kind of…um…forceful at times. Especially since being a cast member. :laugh: I’m extremely disappointed if cast members don’t go out of their way to make a situation right. So when no one offered to let us ride again, I suggested they rethink! LOL


I’m so glad you got to ride the new PoC before you left. Yea!

I, too, can see you hopping off asking for another ride, way to go Kim!


Wow…you got to spend a lot of time with Capt. Jack! Haha:) Glad the line went so quickly! Only 30 minutes to get from Town Square to POC? That’s amazing I would have guessed it would have been 2 hours plus like the CM’s said. Good for you for asking for another trip around the Caribbean:)


How cool are you?!?!?

I guess life could be worse than being stuck in POTC…it could have been IASM!

We got stuck in Pooh last year (at WDW) in the heffalumps and woozles scene…I still here myself singing that song if it’s too quiet at home:eek:


I can’t wait to go on! :tongue:

It’s too bad you got stuck, though- we once got stuck on Haunted Mansion for a good half-hour, right in front of that door in the hallway that bulges out. This was when my brother was still six, and it terrified him! :laugh: Well, at least you didn’t get stuck in something like Mission Space, though- talk about claustrophobia! I hope never to get stuck in something like that…


Maybe they were trying a new “Silent Movie” version of PotC and y’all were the test subjects…uh…or maybe not… :laugh:

GREAT report though… That was awesome… I don’t suppose you got any pics? Huh, huh? Did ya? HUH? :wink:


I’m glad you got to ride it!!! How cool are you??? VERY cool! :heart:

You have ALOT of patience, girlie!! :laugh:


they were cycling out the ride

What does that mean?


Wow the lines were horrible when i went but NOT that bad!! oh well at least you got on


Very cool and funny story! Im glad in the end you enjoyed your ride! I’ll be heading down to the resort this weekend and I hope to get my Pirates fill in on Friday when I arrive. :smile:


AHHHHHHH…I’m so excited!!!

But tell me, why doesn’t he have his shirt off???


That’s when they run the ride and let people off but don’t let anyone on until it’s empty.


Yes, what Pumouse said! :mickey: Cycling out the ride basically means emptying it. This can happen when a ride gets overloaded, or when something happens to disrupt the normal cycle of a ride. It’s often better to simply get everyone off the ride, take a deep breath, and start over. :laugh:

DisneyHog~ No, unfortunately I am the picture-less wonder! :rolleyes: I didn’t even think about bringing my camera because we have no computer. But 3 days later, here I am in Oregon sitting at my parents’ computer…with a scanner right in front of me. :dry: So I’m really regretting that decision!


Awesome Dznygrl, I’m glad you got to ride it! I had heard the line went all the way down main street, I didn’t believe it until I saw pictures. Too bad the ride broke down so many times on you, I hear it’s been breaking down a LOT lately. Mainly because they are putting way to many boats in the ride cycle.