DL busy Times


Does DL typically have the same busy (crowded) times as WDW?? Just asking for future reference; we’re thinking of planning a trip to DL in 2010. How many days would be enough to do the parks? Which resort can you recommend? Our kids will be 10 and 8. We thought we’d squeeze a visit to Legoland too…anyone ever been?


Hello…can anyone out there help me with this???


I don’t know about busy (crowded) We have gone over easter break and in the summer and it never seems as crowded as WDW does.As for Legoland it is so worth the drive 2 hrs depending on traffic.Maybe you could do a few days at DL then drive down to Lego land and hit the beach.We love the beach in between Solana Beach, Del Mar,& LaJolla.Food is standard Amusement Park quailty This could be a 1-2 day park depending on your time.It would be perfect park for your kids at this age.My boys love it there.My father and step mom live in Delmar.I have to go find some pics of lego land for you!


Don’t forget to check out the sea life aquarium.


Thank you so much, I knew someone on MB had to have some information. It’s never too soon to start planning and saving. I’d love to see some pics of Legolan if you have any. Again Thanks!!


The busiest times are the Spring Break, Summer, and after Thanksgiving…

January and February are usually light, as are September to early November…

Three Days for Disneyland 1 and a 1/2 for California Adventure… :cool:

The Grand Californian is great if you can afford it, as it’s nestled right there between the parks, and has a private entrance into California Adventure…
I usually use Priceline for a hotel room. Look to see where I’ve stayed, most hotels are reasonably clean and have close access, either walking or shuttles to the park.

Legoland is worth a visit, I suppose, but it’s a tough call to give up Disneyland… :pinch: