DL Hotel - HoJo's?


Has anyone stayed at the Anaheim Howard Johnson hotel? If so, was it nice? How far was the walk to DL? Was it across busy streets?

Trying to find a hotel for a short stay at DL and trying to save money so looking at Good Neighbor Hotels. Have a 5DD so don’t want to get close and also have a nice pool for afternoon park breaks.



I’ve only stayed at the Grand Californian but I think I can safely say that the streets around Disneyland are pretty busy. In fact, they’re probably busier than they were in the mid 60’s when Walt decided he had to create Disney World, just to create a buffer zone from Harbor Blvd.
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The streets are very busy, but there are crossing signs at every intersection down harbor blvd, where most of the good neighbor hotels are. There is also bus transportation that goes between disneyland and the good neighbor hotels … each bus line serves a block of hotels. I cannot comment on the howard johnson, but i have stayed at the embassy suites and the hampton inn. I think those were about a mile from the entrance but it was certainly a doable walk (not with little ones unless they are in a stroller though). Also be aware that most of the hotels located closest to Disneyland do charge a per day parking fee. (some of them as much as 25 dollars a day)


Been awhile since we stayed at HOJO but it right across the street and they have a trolly that takes you there. The rooms were nice and clean.


I’ve never stayed there, but the traffic in front of the DL main gate is pretty crazy. I recommend staying on the same side of the road as DL so you won’t have to cross six lanes of traffic. Check into the transportation the hotel provides.


The HoJo is a great location. You only have to cross 2 streets to get to Disneyland, and both of them have well-marked, metered crosswalks. Staying on the same side of the street as Disneyland isn’t necessary. Most of the area hotels are also right on the Anaheim Resort Transit system, which is a cheap and convenient way to get to/from the parks if you’re feeling too tired to walk.

As far as good location and a good pool for afternoon swim breaks, I can give a thumbs-up to the Desert Palm Inn & Suites, Carousel Inn & Suites, Candy Cane Inn and the Desert Inn & Suites (different from the Desert Palm.) Desert Inn isn’t as nice as it used to be, but it’s by far the closest (located directly at the crosswalk to the main Disneyland entrance), the rooms are clean and spacious, and they have an indoor pool and spa. Most of the pools in the are are outdoor, so in my eyes this puts Desert Inn a big head above the rest.

Happy hotel hunting! :happy: