DL resort for RV camping?


Hi Y’all!

Is there such a thing as a “Fort Wilderness” type of accomodations at DL for Rver’s?

Has anyone Rv’ed at DL? During the day can you park the RV on the parking lot? Does it cost more to park?

If DL doesn’t have RV parking, any suggestions?



DLR does not have its own “camping” type resort. Here is what the DLR website says about parking!


$10.00 for Automobiles
$12.00 for Oversized vehicles, motor homes and tractors without trailers
$17.00 for Buses and tractors with trailers

Oversized vehicles include:

“dually trucks”
motor homes
passenger vehicles with trailers
When visiting Disney’s California Adventure™ park or Disneyland® park, these vehicles are asked to use the main entrance of the Mickey & Friends parking structure, located off southbound Disneyland Drive and Ball Road. Be aware that the height limit of the Mickey & Friends parking structure is 13’10".

There are campgrounds/rv parks in other areas. I would check KOA’s website and see if they have any in the area.


As far as i rememver there is a place not to far away but nothing on site. What we always used to do is go to one of the other hotels around there and the Ramada right down the road would let us park our motorhome in their parking lot and just get a room.


BTW, welcome to DC!!