DL, tigger style!


Ok so I’m going to leave out the other trip from heck info (I’ve posted else where about that).

It was me, DW, GF (good friend), and GFs (good friends son), July 3rd.

I finally made it to DL! Can you believe it.

Well we took the calistoga wagon out to SoCal to spend a long weekend with our friends. We topped it out with a trip to DL on Monday before catching the next wagon back to the swamp.

(Oh if I it wasn’t for SoCal sprawl I would love to live in SoCal…oh and I love In and Out Burgers! How can you west coaster keep those from the rest of us…shame shame…oh sorry need to get back to the TR…)

We got in the car and drove to DL. We had had a long weekend…burgers, swimming, really good mexican food, swimming, touring san diego, burgers, swimming, launching a new company, swimming, burgers…you get the idea :laugh:

So we to DL around 9:30 and bought tickets and entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.


I have to say the the DL is such a magical place…it was super crowded so I really don’t feel like I had a chance absorbed the magic…if you will.

We decided to go and see if we could get FP for PoTC. Well the wait was only 45 minutes so we jumped in line right away!


I have to say that PoTC is fabulous! Jack is so life like and they threw in a few new effect that BLEW ME AWAY. I sure hope they make the same upgrades to the MK version.

Anyway I road it and loved loved loved it. I love that it is not the same as MK version but is still similar. Oh and they added music highlight from the PoTC movie sound track!

After PoTC we headed over to HM…stood in line for 20 minutes and they shut it down and kicked us out of line. So we headed over to SM. Stood in line about 20 minutes and they shut it down and kicked us out of line…again…not very magical if you asked me.

So DW and I headed back to HM which had reopened (hmmmm). DF and DFs got back in line and waited for SM to reopen (they are so sweet DFs didn’t want to ride HM but really really wanted to ride SM).


tigger caught on film in the Adventureland!


Yay! I love the picture! I’m SO glad you got to ride!


So I have to say I like the DL HM…but is it shorter then the MK version? It seemed shorter but still fun fun fun…we both loved the brides room.

So we got off HM just in time to meet up with DF and DFs getting off SM…

DW took this perfect picture of Pooh:


Isn’t Critter Country so cool?!?! Did you go on the Pooh ride there, I just LOVE how it looks like you are entering into some dark hole in the woods!


I have to do a little work so I will get back to this tomorrow…


work schmerk… come back soon!!!


Thanks for posting!

Um, if you could, do your best to comment on the differences between Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

I am seriously trying to justify a trip to WDW, and any info to prevent “surprises” would be nice! :laugh:


It’s for my other employer…Mrs Tigger (had to trouble shot some email issues on her website).


I like both of the parks for different reasons…DL has an over all more intimate fill to it. The rides don’t have the detailed pre-shows but it isn’t needed as much because of the park.

WDW has great pre-shows for the rides but the park doesn’t feel as real as DL…Parts of DL seem like real neighborhoods…WDW is a totally different thrill.


Good for you Tigger!
I’m outta the loop…I didn’t even know you were going to DL!


I cant wait to read more.


Tigger my man! Great report! Small problemo, one pic of you is cool but I’d rather see pics of your pretty wife. :wub: :laugh:




Sad to report but I will most likely not be able to continue with the trip report tonight. I have found out that I am required to attend a dinner after work.

If I can I will find a few minutes to post a smidgen more tonight but it is unlikely.

Humbly yours,



Hee hee…hubba hubba…that is soo cute;)

Tigger…hope you can continue soon…lovin your TR. It’s so fun “seeing” DL through the eyes of someone that hasn’t been before.

Oh and YEP…we are very stingy with our In n Out Burgers… Just another reason everyone has to come to California:)


Love the report. Love the pictures too!


Ok I have a few minutes to do a quick post.

(this picture has been approved by the authorities down here in tiggerland…oh and DW says thanks DayDreamer :wink: )