DL Updates


My friend Steve works as an engineer at DL and I was asking him some questions as to updates to DL. This was his response. I thought it was interesting.

[I]Hello, Disneyland Resort is under some changes. Most of the work is over
at DCA, with only small projects at Disneyland. I will do the best to
explain what we are doing.


World of Color - Spring 2010 - It will be like Illuminations at Epcot,
but much different. Currently the Lagoon is drained for construction

The Little Mermaid - Spring 2011 - Advanced Dark ride, similar to the
Haunted Mansion, but with new advanced anaimatronics, lighting, and

Carsland - Summer 2012 - All new land based on the Pixar movie Cars. There
will be all new state of the art E Ticket attraction, Radiator Springs,
similar to Test Track, but bigger faster and more show elements.

Main Entrance to DCA - Summer 2011 - New entrance with similar main street
to Disneyland. New Trolley and shops…


Small changes around the park, but not many big changes until after 2012.

I think if you did visit the Disneyland Resort in 2010 it will be great,
but there will be construction at park of DCA.

I hope this helps. let me know of any other questions.



Thanks for the info, you can also follow lots of updates if your a CM or if you check out many of the Disney Fan websites as well.


Wow! that sounds very impressive and like I will have to go to DL


sounds great!!!


And to think…those are just a FEW of the major updates, that doesnt even list the other updates and enhancements coming to DCA, I cant wait!


:eek:CARSLAND!! Oh,no…I think I’m in love.