DL with a Teenager?


What have I gotten myself into this time!

Some of you may have read that I was planning a mother/daughter trip this year… Well, turns out my youngest brother (16) has never been …anywhere really… as far as theme parks go. Not even our exciting Valleyfair here in MN. (My parents are a little burnt out after the other 8 kids smirk) So, over the holidays we were chatting and turns out he is coming to DL with me and DD(9). Yay! A Newbie!

But, now what? LOL! I have no clue what to plan that they will both like. Nine and sixteen???

He is an awesome kid personality wise. Alot of fun and funny in other words. He will be happy with just going but I would like to surprise him with a few “cool” things just for him while we are there.

Any suggestions on activities teens like besides the obvious rides/attractions?Maybe little known opportunities?



Well, my son loved ESPN zone, as well as most of downtown disney. Maybe you could spend a little time there.


I think you’re setting yourself up for problems if you’re worried about cool and teen-specific. Disneyland just isn’t “cool” in the general-population, hip teenager sense. :cool:

It’s cool because it is what it is, and isn’t ashamed of it! :mickey:

I’d get your brother a guidebook and let him pick out some “must do” activities. You’re ALL going to have a wonderful time!


LOL Andrea- You are probably right! Luckily he is a pretty easygoing kid…
Pumouse- I never would have thought of ESPN… Not my thing… Thanks!

Still open to any suggestions~



My boyfriend loved ESPN Zone as well, it is a certain hit with any male (or female), that likes games. I had a lot of fun as well there!

DCA has a lot of rides geared towards adults and young adults, I’m sure he will love Tower of Terror and California Screamin’. And of course all the mountains at DL and Indy will be fun for him as well.

Reservations at the Blue Bayou would be fun as well. If you go for lunch, book an 11:30 reservation (the earliest) and show up 15-20 minutes early and you are almost guaranteed to get a waterfront table. The ambiance of the Blue Bayou will impress anyone! :slight_smile:

It sounds like he is a good kid and will be willing to let the childish side of himself come out at DL! I agree that buying him a guide book and letting him pick out some stuff would be a great idea!


I was thinking it but didn’t write it, so let me echo the “get a Blue Bayou” reservation. Because that IS cool. :cool:

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In this fantasyland, there’s plenty of room!


Some teens love Disney from top to bottom. Some teens are not quite into Disney. Some teens are not quite into Disney but love rides of all kinds, period. You should try and get a sense of his likes and dislikes in regards to Disney before the trip. One major tip-off is whether he watches the Disney cartoons enthusiastically, If he does then I think you have no worries! :tongue:

Since he has never gone before, he may be pretty open minded and open hearted for the whole Disney experience. With him being fun and funny then that should make it even better!

You might also give little bro some flexibility to explore around on his own from time to time. During those times you can really try to knock DD’s socks off with age appropriate fun!

16 and 9 are pretty different age-wise, so you may need to have a part of some days focus on one of the kid’s interests at a time. During those times you may still find the other kid is having a lot of fun. I have a DD9 as well and I am pretty sure she would have fun doing ANYTHING at DL, but I always make sure to include a healthy dose of Toon Town, Fantasyland and other attractions that are geared towards the youngsters. You may very well find that DD9 is the most flexible of the kids, but you know them best of course!

Just a handful of ideas:
Do all of the thrill rides in DCA.
ESPN Game Zone is a must do for a teen boy…
He can always catch a movie too at the AMC theater in Downtown Disney! :wink:
There is a swimming pool at nearly every hotel! By the way, which one are you going to stay at???
If he likes Aladdin, then be sure to take him to the Aladdin show at DCA. It is funny… And fun! (one of the highlights of my trip in December!)
He may like the Fireworks and Fantasmic, but may not ejoy the parades as much…
Give him all of your Fast Passes while you and DD watch a parade…

Here is my Super Tip of the Day! Another idea that he may think is fun… If there is a time where maybe DD9 is resting (or you are resting) he could go to Splash Mountain (or whichever ride he loves and this option is available on) and do the single rider option. All he would need to do is go to the line and approach the Cast Member at the head of the Fast Pass line and ask for a “Single Rider Pass”. He can then go right to the front of the line… Repeat… Repeat… He could try and set a record for how many times he rides his favorite attraction in a couple hours… I did this on Splash Mountain last month and it was FUN! :wink:


The Goof Father beat me to it, but I was going to suggest the Aladdin show! The Genie always keeps his humor hip and up to date, so it’s funny to all ages no matter how many times you see it.

And DCA may end up being a little more friendly to a teenager, it just depends. If the teen ends up loving the Disney magic, then fantastic! :mickey: If not, DCA’s thrill rides can always help take away some of the grumpiness. :tongue:


ehhh EVERYONE likes Disneyland. Trust me, he will have no problem with Disneyland and he will have a great time in both parks and in DTD…there is plenty for him to do, Dont sweat it. :smile:


GREAT ideas! Thanks! I love the ones about giving him the FP’s and the single rider option.
I think he will love it all. He is really a great kid. My DD is grumpier by far! But she adores him so anything he wants to do she’ll go along with.

If only I could do CRT boy would he LOVE that!!! ROFL! He would never admit it though! Just like DH had a smirk on his face the WHOLE time!

As far as Blue Bayou…I kick myself for not going last year w/ DH. We planned it and then I believe we ended up walking past Indiana and CM at the entrance said if we stuck around for 2 minutes they were going to open the ride that had been closed all day. So we did… several times. Completely missed our seating. This year it is closed when we are there!!! Maybe with a little luck that portion will be open!

Awesome ideas guys! Thanks SO much!


Hopefully the Blue Bayou will be open when you are there. Our lunch was wonderful. The food was so good. We all loved the atmosphere.
I think he will like a lot of the rides. Space Mountain, Splash, Indiana Jones, Matterhorn, to name a few. In CA, he will probably really like te maliboomer, Tower of Terror and CA Screamin’. DH, DS (10) & I used the single rider line for CA Screamin’ and rode it over and over. Also, even if he doesn’t like Aladdin, I still think he will love the show. It is one of the best shows I have ever seen. We laughed so hard through the entire show. It really was great. I’m sure you all will have a wonderful time!


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I went with a friend last year (15 years old) and he hated it so bad he wanted to be at the hotel the whole time… :nonono2: But that’s just him. I’m a teen, boy, 16 and like DL, and I’m proud. :cool: So unless he has no imagination, he will like Disneyland. (especially all the thrill rides in DCA, my friend really liked California Screamin’ and Malliboomer, but hated the rest of the resort) So just make sure he gets’ his share of thrill rides in. Especially Tower of Terror, Grizzly River Run, and California Screamin’.


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Well i think the only real reason my brother who is 16 goes to disneyland is because i want to be there. He doesn’t like it to much but once we get there he does. There is plenty for guys to do there as long as they go into it wanting to be there.


Hey, Thanks anaheimboy! Good to be back.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Pixie! It’s all about your attitude going in. :wub: