DLH 2 Day Park Hopper ? AAA enhanced FP ? PLease help!


We are going to DLR in September (me, DH, DS2, DS5 and another family).
The issue is my sister-in-law Lisa, and 18 yr old neice Audrey, want to meet us there.Lisa will be in LA for the weekend and Audrey lives nearby.

Lisa will come on Mon/Tues and Audrey will come on Tues/Wed.
We have us 4 to a room at DLH. I can add one more person to our room for free and then buy a 2 Day Park hopper from AAA so one of them can have the enhanced FP.
One of them will have a regular park hopper and will not be able to go on as many rides with us since they will not have the enhanced FP feature. But will crash in out room anyway.

Also, one ticket will not have EE on Tuesday am.

Is there anyway around this? How can I get both in for EE and enhanced FP without adding another Hotel room (they are booked up anyway).



First of all, Welcome to Mousebuzz!

Secondly, unfortunately there is no way around getting extra enhanced FP parkhoppers. You have to be a guest staying in a DLR hotel to get the bonus. So you would have to add the extra room to do it.

On a happier note, September (as long as it isn’t Labor Day weekend) is a lot slower than the summer time as most schools are back in session. So you may be just fine without having to use the multiple FP’s. Hope that is the case for you. In any case, have a fantastic trip!!!


Good morning, I have been to Disneyland quite a few times in late September (I live around 30 minutes from there) and its not that crowded. The times DH and I went last year the only rides we used FP for was the main ones like Indiana Jones. The longest I think we waited in a line was 20-30 minutes for Haunted Mansion.