We need advice.
We can’t help but feel that we’re getting more bang for our buck at WDW. We’ve done WDW twice and now that we’re further west, the “easier” trip would be to DLP. There’s something to be said for seeing the “original”, but there’s so much to do at WDW. Are we not giving DLP enough of a chance? We know the physical differences between the two, but can a DLP trip be just as good? Everytime we look at DLP and think our minds are made up, we look at the WDW site and get second thoughts. We’ve had so many good memories at WDW (DD’s 6th bday, DS’s 1st bday), we’re wondering if DLP will be able to live up to the Magic we felt at WDW. Are we officially addicted to Disney now??


Yep, you are officiall addicted. I can’t answer you question but Welcome to MB. I love WDW because of that very fact. There is tons to do. Never a dull moment. I went to DL several years ago(pre kids) and for me, WDW will be my only Disney destination.:wub::wub:


Just to be sure… are you asking about Disneyland, or Disneyland Paris? You mentioned that you are west, which makes me think Disneyland, but DLP is usually used for Disneyland Paris.
If you are talking about Disneyland, I think you would really enjoy a trip there. It has its own special magic that is a very different, almost more emotional magic than at WDW. Especially with your childrens’ ages, Disneyland would be especially meaningful. Especially if you’ve been to WDW twice and have the chance for a whole new adventure, get yourselves a really rocking good Disneyland hotel and make it a trip!
Welcome to MB!


Thanks for the welcome! This is the first chat group we’ve joined…meant Disneyland…newbie mistake:laugh: We definitely want to make our way to DL at some point. Looking to be there this October for DD’s bday. DS just wants to go to Mickey’s house. Thanks for your input and setting the short forms straight for my DH.:redface:


You gotta come to CA. We have twice the traffic and half the humidity.


No problem! There’s a zillion of those little acronyms, but I wanted to be sure I was steering you right. :happy:
I think you woule love trying something new, BTW. I was thinking about this thread after I posted. DL is really manageable, and it has some rides that you don’t see at WDW. It is really very special.


I should mention we’d be driving down from Calgary!!! Gotta luv the buzz of a good traffic jam:mickey: Getting to the west coast and dipping our toes in the Pacific is a real draw too.