DLR rumor getting stronger


evidently,that hard ticket rumor for christmas 2011 at DL is growing stronger,they seem to feel emboldened by this years halloween event,you see once again that event used to be held in DCA,but this year it was moved to DL…one question I have is here in CA fireworks can be cancelled for many reasons,they as you know do not have the luxury of land so allfireworks every night get either approved by the anaheim fire dept,we have been there several times where even after they started the show was cancelled because conditions worsened,that be said weather here in ca is generally worse in dec …so you might pay for the fireworks and not get them and the general consensus is this years Halloween parade was WEAK…so the question remains will the crowds for the hallowen event remain strong,another take on hard tickets might be even if you don’t want to go,the only other choice is DCA so that must also help their bottom line with aditional people
the bottom line is I unfortuneatly think it is here to stay,but many AP’S are not happy…I for one spent 2100 this year for just 3 of us ,will we get our moneys worth sure but even my wife said after going toMNSSHP,this year she would not pay for it again…