DLR trip report


Trip was fantastic,thoroughly enjoyed ourselves…high points the halloween fireworks just spectacular,some new wrinkles ,truly creative…space mountain add-ons were great with new themed music for halloween, the haunted mansion had a complete makeover ,yes for halloween ,longest lines I have seen for the attraction ,well since last halloween…only one low lite…ralph brennans jazz kitchen…decided to finally try it …well it was bad fropm the beginning ,and it went downhill from …just one example …now it takes a lot for me to complain about any meal,truly it take a lot…but when you order something medium and it comes out almost rare …well their action was to re heat it …and that was the high point …needless to say I cannot recommend this restaurant to anyone …the troubles are to long to list but there was at least 10 problem areas …but other than that the trip was just what the doctor ordered …so much so we booked a repeat visit in 4 weeks for the christmas festivities…


Im glad you had a great time! If you enjoyed the Halloween Festivities then you’re in for a great treat this Holiday Season! It WILL NOT disappoint!
The Halloween Fireworks are awesome, The Space Mountain overlay for Halloween is pretty cool, I still prefer the regular attraction as it is, The Haunted Mansion’s Nightmare Before Christmas overlay is awesome, this is its 8th year I believe that it has had the Halloween/Christmas overlay, and Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen…I agree with you in every way, I have dinned there 3 times in the past, each and every time my food was either undercooked, cold/soggy, very skimpy and all of the above, I myself too never suggest anyone to go there…I like Tortilla Joes, Rainforrest Cafe, ESPN Zone, etc…but the Jazz Kitchen is just a sad sad place to go and a bit of a waste of money, but hey, thats just me! :wink: But Im very happy to hear you had a great time! And by the time you go again Paradise Bay will be all filled up in DCA and the Viewing area for World of Color (Paradise Park) will be almost complete, etc etc, looking forward to your next trips report! :mickey: :smile:


Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Jazz Kitchen. Sadly, even though it is my favorite restaurant, I myself have had a few hiccups. The staff, however, made up for it most of the times. In the end, a lot depends on various factors. But we went there twice, once for dinner and then again for lunch. The biggest disappointment I had was their removal of the Oyster Shooters from the menu.


Now depending on what you like, I would suggest the Golden Horseshoe for a meal. Shows go on, and the atmospehere isn’t too bad either. One of the only Disney orginal buldings still around. It does get filled up rather quickly so keep that in mind. Of course this is only my opinion.


haha, almost a general amount of the buildings inside Disneyland Park are original to when the park first opened, some have been dressed differently refurbished obviously between then and now, but still (and I know you said “one” not “the only”, but I have to give you a hard time regardless :tongue: :wink:)


YAY! I can’t wait to see pictures & hear all about your trip! I miss Disneyland. I’ve never been a fan of the “Jazz Kitchen” either, only ate there once & probably won’t rush back again anytime soon.

PICS PLEASE!!! :biggrin:


I got a call from their corporate office …seems I am not the only one who was disaputed…get this they anticipated some logistic problems and put in two kitchens …and they still have the same problems…it seemed like they are very disaputed in the set up and they seemed really sincere…we shall see


Understood, you are after all the Disneyland expert afterall. :laugh:


That, at least, sounds like the Jazz Kitchen management I know. Glad to hear they at least bothered to call you. :pirate:

Sorry, but it’s a favorite restaurant of mine. Ever since the Blue Bayou had their prices go through the roof, it’s the closest thing to what was. I hope this was only a temporary glitch. :wub: