Dlr trip report


last weekend spent 3 great days a t DLR .stayed at the hyatt regency as always bullet proof…with breakfast buffet included,and great transportation to and from …crowds were great but manageable…had a wondeful time got to do almost everything we set out to do,world of color for the second time didn’t fail to amaze…ate at the plaza inn …as always wondeful,this time treied tortilla joes downtown ,once again failed to impress…probbably will not go that route again…just a few observations …no fast pass for midway mainia,otherwise known as toystory mania …really got no really good answer as to why…world of color is outstanding but the process to see it is far from perfect,let me explain …it is a fast pass event,but despite that and the fact that there were 3 shows,you still have to get there early to make the 9:00pm show and the wait in line approached 50 minutes just for the fast pass ,then you must line up about and hour and a half to get your prearranged section ,and the show lasts for 30 minutes …so in essence the wait is at least 2 hours…some suggestions on my part is since when we went they were running 3 shows ,we should be able to choose which show to help with our scheduling,…enough of that trip was great now the countdown begins to next WDW trip in about 39 days whoopeeeee


Sounds like an awful lot of waiting for that show. And that’s standing room, right? That would lose me right there. Maybe endure the wait once, but that’s it.


the thing is you need toget to the park at opening or early enough,plus like any other fast pass everyone who wants to see the show must be in the park also,don’t get me wrong it is a great show,one that you will want to see again and again, but the least they could do is allow you choice of show,the trip was great a lot of fun,if it sounds like I am complaining,don’t take it that way the things I mentioned were simply suggestions,now a complaint would be the parking on the last day,it took an hour just to park the car,DLR has a tremendous parking issue…especially at the mickey and friends parking structure…so much so that if you call guest relations they have a special group just to handle that issue


The World of Color show is that the one with Michael Jackson? How was it?? I don’t know anything about it except that it is in Epcot in WDW!


world of color is in DCA at DLR,new water show,truly amazing,great show…no it is not the micheal jackson show


We stayed at PP at DLR for 5 days in 2006 (the only time we were there) and had a wonderful (Magical) time. Really thought that I would not like DL and DCA after going to WDW world so many times prior, but just loved the original Walt Disney Park. Hope to go again to see the World Of Color at DCA. I read it’s not to be missed.


absolutely a great show…DLR has a lot of magic and for us here in ca …it is a great disney fix…WDW is a vacation spot for us DLR is a weekend get away…and when you compare what they have squeezed into disneyland it is truly amazing…